Sunday, December 6, 2015

A Gift a Day Gift Twenty-Eight: Sleep Pants

My son actually likes to run around in sleep pants from time to time so every year I do try to make him at least one pair of sleep pants for Christmas.  So, I took some of the flannel I had in my fabric stores and made him a pair in the next size up.

I used some of the flannel I bought last year on Black Friday sales at Jo Ann Fabrics (it ended up being about 8.00 per bolt of fabric). 

To make sleep pants I love this pattern, but alas I don't think it's made anymore (which is a total shame as it's got great beginner sewing instructions for it from cutting fabric onward).  Bright side, though, is Simplicity makes various patterns for pants and this is one of many (and they are all equally easy to follow instructions on).  Like this one  looks promising.

I got my pattern years ago at the thrift store for .10.  The previous owner of the pattern had cut it down to the smallest size, but had kept all of the scraps to the pattern to upsize the pattern.  So I've been SLOWLY taping one size to another as the kids have grown *laugh*.  It takes a little bit to tape the pattern back together, but worth it.

Total Cost To Make Gift:  I'd say about 2.00 once you include the cost of the fabric.  The elastic waistband I had as I got a bunch from my step-mom in one of her pinata boxes that she sends me and the thread was the same.

Total Time to Make Gift:  About an hour and a half once you include cutting time.  I love Simplicity patterns for this reason as the patterns are really easy to follow.


  1. Nothing better than getting new PJ's for Christmas! Just a tip - you can use that pattern to make shorts out of old t-shirts for your son or daughter in the summer.

  2. I've done that in the past for them, using really thin cotton sheets that aren't worth much in the way of fabric, but work well for sleep shorts :).

  3. I love the leaf pattern on the flannel. Sometimes it's hard to find good "boy" flannel, for some reason! That would work well for either boys or girls. I have more sewing to do as well. I didn't get any done today--my piano students played for a senior center, I did a lot of homeschool with 1 daughter, and we ended the day with a 6th grade band concert for the youngest. Still a nice day!