Monday, March 7, 2016

Monthly Goals Update and This Week's Goals

When it comes to goals the last couple of weeks, not a lot got done on my "list".  I have come to realize that I was working on getting another list filled out that I had going in my head.  Things like:
  • Get oil changed in car (did that last Tuesday)
  • Get daughter's braces adjusted (got that done last Monday)
  • Get freezers more cleaned out and odds and ends used up (a work in progress, but I'm getting there).  This has become somewhat of an obsession as I find things that I bought for say a recipe that never happened or I didn't use all of an ingredient, so I will find that in the freezer and then start to research and research some more on how to best use it up.
  • Read "Wartime Farm" since it came in the mail and I've REALLY been wanting the book (ahem.  This has been getting accomplished this last week for sure *laugh*).
One goal I did manage to get part of the way through (two napkins down now and I'm about 1/2 way through the third) was embroidering the Spring themed napkins.  I decided to go with a "vintage" look to the napkins, so I went with an line art type of design to them vs. super realistic looking.  They are coming out really cute and doing this type of design also makes the embroidery go a LOT faster.  I mean I started and completed one napkin (the blue flowered one I'm working on in the photo above) in the afternoon and I'd finished it by about eight o' clock that night.  Very time effective :).

So, onto this week's goals!  I'm going to try and jam things into this week as much as I can because we don't have as many appointments this week and next week my kids are off for Spring Break, so I know that getting things done next week is going to be a LOT harder than this week!

Sewing Goals:
  • Finish embroidery on napkins.  Press fusible lightweight interfacing on the back of them to help strengthen the material and protect the thread ends (I made them out of muslin, so I want to make sure they are fortified a bit). 
  • Start work on dress.

Cleaning Goals:
  • Wash floors (my son has made a MESS of them the last little bit)
  • Shampoo carpets
  • Dust top of kitchen cabinets and wash down fronts with Murphy's Oil Soap (the insides will come later I'm thinking)
  • Start work on furnace room

General Goals:
  • Get super glue and start on pile of broken toys for daughter.
  • Fix magnet
  • Fix vase (this one might take some work)
  • Continue to work on cleaning out freezers and eating what needs to be used up 

And there you are folks.  My goals for this week.  How about you?


  1. Your napkins are so beautiful, Erika! Wonderful embroidery job you are doing with them. Please take a picture of all four together with the matching tablecloth when your done. I'm sure they will look so lovely together.

    I have only one particular plan that I specifically want to accomplish this week. My daughter's class is having a party on Thursday (I believe) and they have put out the request for snack foods (totally optional). I thought it would be nice to make up a batch of homemade chocolate chip cookies for her to take. I'm sure there will be plenty of potato chips and other traditional junk food donated by other.

    1. If anything like my daughter home made chocolate chip cookies trumps all other snack foods, so you might very well make your daughter's day *laugh*.

      I'll be sure to take a picture of all of the napkins when I'm done :).

  2. I love the embroidery. It's so fresh and pretty! I'm looking forward to when things calm down around here and I can spend some time working on some dish towels. I made sure to not put all of my projects in bins in the basement!

  3. I loved watching Wartime Farm! You will have to do a review sometime on the book. :)

    1. The book is broken up into Peter's, Alex's and Ruth's perspectives on things and just expands on the actual show. I love it, especially Ruth's parts as she shares some recipes and things from the show and then some recipes she made during the year that weren't in the show, but she thought was worthy of note. She even covers the clothes they all wear and why they picked what they did.

      The best part was that the recipes I got in the book were ones I didn't have already for the most part (also got a title of a book I want to look for), some of them really intriguing. I want to try and make some of them, including a recipe for a soup that calls for lettuce, which in the summertime that'll be an interesting thing to try around here :).

    2. You may have mentioned it before, but where did you buy the book? I have a couple of books like When the banks closed and When families made memories together. I love the wartime farm episodes. Cheryl

  4. Those napkins are so pretty! I remember the napkins ,I think you did last spring, with the Peter rabbit theme. Those were so adorable. Do you use the embroidered napkins when you eat or for decorations? Just curious. We use cloth napkins instead of paper but, they are not nearly as pretty as those.

    1. I do use them, yes. Well, except the Peter Rabbit napkins. I got outvoted by the husband and daughter who were worried they would get stained, so those are being used to decorate the table only *laugh*. I'm still working on them about that ;).

  5. I love the napkins and your embroidery skills are wonderful! It is something I am still working on and to be honest not sure if I will ever master it!