Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Menu Plan for Week of 3/7/16

Sorry it took so long to post this (and I'm aiming the apology at myself too, believe it or not as I've scrambled the last few days on what to make for dinner) as I've been busy with a sick kiddo the last couple of days.  My son came down with one of the wonderful viruses circulating around the area which results in cold symptoms, but most importantly, a fever.  Which, when it comes to my son he doesn't just "run" a fever so much as sprint with one, so it's been a constant battle the last two days working to keep his temperature down and him somewhat comfortable.  Thank goodness he FINALLY started actually taking Ibuprofen the last couple of days instead of just Tylenol so that has helped.

As a result of not a lot of sleep, even less than normal, with battling this bug with the kids and working with the potential of more people than just my son getting sick (I like to be prepared), I am going with easy meals this week to try and keep on top of the cooking without (hopefully) too much effort.

This is also going to be "use up that pork roast" week as I have a couple of them that need to be used.  One is two years old (tonight's dinner)...still in good shape, but needed to be used up.  The other one is a huge pork shoulder roast with the bone in that I got cheap on reduced a while back and it has been trying to fall out of the freezer and crush my feet regularly ever since as it's a really awkward shape.  So, yeah, it's getting defrosted, cut into chunks and used (and in some cases after using it, refrozen into new meals).

Menu Plan for Week of 3/7/16

Monday:  Pork steaks, fruit cocktail, leftover rice

Tuesday:  Baked "fried" chicken, potatoes au gratin, pasta salad

Wednesday:  Cider slow cooker pork roast, leftover pasta salad, mixed veggies (freezer)

Thursday:  Chicken noodle soup (crock pot)

Friday:  Mustard pork roast, roasted potatoes and carrots, fried apples

Saturday:  Leftovers

Sunday:  Pork stew with home made bread

To bake/prepare:  Bread (Sunday or sooner).  Take leftover pork and make into sandwich spread/potted pork and put in freezer.

Desserts:  Sliced strawberries, grapes, leftover apple pie

So there you are.  My menu plan for the week.  Hopefully the rest of us stay well so I don't have to worry too much about everyone having fevers *fingers crossed*.


  1. I made a slow roasted pork shoulder roast on Sunday due to my ds request. I use Rachael Rays recipe on food network and my family loves it. Lots of pork this week on your table, personally I love pork anyway it is cooked.

  2. Boy, you'd think you were the one with a pig in at the meat processor, instead of me:) Your post reminds me that I need to go check and make sure there's not even one package of pork left in the freezer. If there was one hiding, I would use it right away so that the oldest meat would be used first! Hope you guys get to feeling better quickly and that everyone doesn't catch it!

  3. My daughter had a similar bought of illness last week. All she did one day was sleep and pop Tylenol to help control the body aches, headaches and keep her fever down. It took 2 full days for her to fully recoup. Very unusual for her to be sick like that!

    Just a suggestion for when you pull out the pork shoulder with could also try making some of it into pork souvlaki to try. Lamb and pork are the more traditional meats used for that dish. Just use the same marinade recipe for whatever meat you want to use. I'm suggesting using it on the bone in pork shoulder because you are probably just too tired this week to even think about experimenting on a new recipe.

    I hope you get some much needed sleep soon and that no one else comes down with this virus...especially you!!!

    1. I had no idea that pork was the traditional meat for souvlaki. I will definitely consider marinating the bits of meat that are left on the bone before cutting it off as that would make the meat extra tasty. Thanks!

      The daughter got to stay home from school today due to stomach issues last night and mom not wanting to drag herself or the brother out of the house to drive her back and forth to school, so she's had a Zophran and is happily playing in her room. She's usually the kid that gets things dead last, if she gets them, so we'll see how she does. I'm fighting off said cold right now, luckily no fever yet, just a cough and fatigue, but it might prove to be an interesting weekend.