Monday, November 16, 2015

Menu Plan Monday: Menu for Week of 11/16/2015

I have to say that for the most part I was able to stick to my menu plan for last week and it was a big success.  Over the weekend things got a bit off as my husband ended up working this weekend, so I just went easy for dinner for myself and the kids as I tried to clean the house some more.

This week's menu as part of the winter menu focuses mainly on ham as I'm baking a ham this week to free up some room so I can, hopefully if money will somehow allow me, get a couple of hams here in the next bit as they go on sale cheap for the holidays.  I'm hoping these recipes blow over well with the family as having ham every once in a while will definitely be a good way to beat the menu monotony.

Menu for Week of 11/16/2015
Monday:  Baked ham, kale, boiled potatoes

Tuesday:  Breakfast dinner (fried ham, pancakes, fruit cocktail)

Wednesday:  Apple Gammon

Thursday:  Ham and kale quiche

Friday:  Turkey burgers

Saturday: Ham and cheese crepes, peaches

Sunday:  Potato Cheese Soup, home made bread 
Desserts:  Baked apples, jello with dream whip

To Bake:  Bread.  Baking day,  Tuesday.


  1. I have a suggestion for when you buy hams on sale. When I buy ham on sale, I buy several and cut most of them into ham steaks (bigger section) and shave the rest into sliced cold meat slices (tapered ends). I usually buy the smoked ham or honey ham that are pre-cooked, but I'm sure you could probably do this with the uncooked hams as well.

    I used to send them with my husband to his work (he's a cook in a restaurant) and he would use their meat slicer to do this. We then decided it was easier to just buy our own meat slicer. I know you probably don't have one, and they are expensive to just run out and buy. However, you can easily cut the ham steaks with a sharp knife and instead of shaved ham, you could cut up some into cubes for use in casseroles or soup. Package them up into usable portions and freeze. Then you can incorporate simple ham meals into your weekly meal plan without having to eat it every single day that week.

  2. *Laugh* the only reason we're eating it a lot this week, honestly, is because we haven't had ham in a long time and my husband LOVES ham. I normally slice it as thin as I can and then freeze it in freezer bags for future use, but this ham was given to me and was already freezer burned. So, it's time to use it up before the freezer funk smell gets worse.

    One day I will get a nice meat slicer. I really want one, but even if I had the money I would be hard pressed to buy one as my son loves moving parts and the idea of him going near a spinning blade gives me grey hairs NOW and I don't even have a meat slicer in the house yet. I am keeping my eye out at the used stores though and one of these days will run into a good quality meat slicer cheap maybe and be able to get one. Might have to run it in the garage while my son is in the house, but it'd still be nice to have.

  3. We keep ours packed away in the box unless we are using it. You could pull it out when he is at school and do all your slicing when he's not there. Alternative (like during summer vacation) is to do it when your husband is home and have daddy take your son outside to play while you are doing the slicing. Trust me, it's not an appliance you use frequently enough to have it sitting on your counter. I'm sure you'd be fine.

  4. I was mainly concerned about when we'd actually be running it as my son is quick and my husband gets distracted easily. Just cooking pasta can be a hair raising experience with that kid. I'm sure I could make it fly to use one, though. I just have to find one for the right price :).