Friday, November 27, 2015

A Gift a Day Gift Twenty-Four: Bath Sheet

So, I felt proud of myself for making this gift.  Why?  Well, this bath sheet was made out of some fabric I've held onto for years.  It's a nice terry cloth-like the type of fabric you'd normally see baby robes and things being made out of (nice and thick though), but I never had enough fabric to make a robe or something out of it.  I had originally gotten the fabric in some bags I bought at the thrift store about four years ago.  The store was liquidating it's fabric and crafting things to move to a new location and so they sold these HUGE garbage bags full of cloth for 3.00.  The bags were opaque, so you couldn't tell what was in them, but the bags were so big I took a chance and bought two of them.

Glad I did too as I got some really good fabric out of them that I'm using to this day and about, oh 2 to 4% of what I got from the bags just got donated back to the store after it moved, but the bags were definitely worth it.

Anyway, I realized this year that, once again, I didn't have enough fabric to make a robe to fit either one of my kids (every year I seem to have to relearn that lesson when it came to the fabric), so I finally decided to make a bath sheet for my husband out of it.

I went online, Amazon actually, and looked up bath sheets to get some basic dimension ideas and then I cut the fabric out as big as I could while taking off the uneven bits (since the dimensions of a bath sheet were just a bit bigger than the cloth as a whole).  I then sewed a couple of different shades of bias tape around the outside edge of the towel (because I didn't have enough of either one color).  The varying shades of blue actually came out looking rather neat.

I was going to embroider a letter or something cool onto it, but decided against it as it's a towel and my husband gets pretty dirty in his profession, so I figure if I bleach out bias tape I won't cry, but bleaching out embroidery I put a lot of work into...THAT would make me cry.

The dimensions of the final product, by the way, if you do a bath sheet correctly is about 40" x 70".  Mine ended up being closer to 40" by 65".

Total Cost to Make Gift:  Nothing as I had the materials.

Total Time to Make Gift:  About an hour.

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  1. Nice buy on those bags of fabric a few years ago. That's a lot of fabric for just $3! I love that you finally found a useful way to use up that terry cloth. I don't thing he will miss 5", but it sound like it will be nice and soft to dry off with. Great job!