Friday, November 20, 2015

A Gift a Day Gift Eighteen: A Potholder

Last year, after I had given the customary home canned goods to my son's school teachers, aides and therapists, I decided that I didn't want to sacrifice any more canning jars on the behalf of gift giving, because I needed all I had left.  So, for my daughter's teachers and student teachers I made potholders instead and that seemed to go over well, so I was going to do that again.

Well, instead I ended up trading some pot holders for boots (not complaining mind you!) so I decided to finish up the one pot holder I was currently working on for my son's speech therapist (she's divorced and has her daughter living with her, thus the pink) and then I'll come up with something else for the teacher gifts (running low on cotton yarn).

I have been wanting to share how I make these with you all, so I guess this is a good opportunity to do so!

I make pot holders with cotton yarn like they make for dish clothes and such.  I like to buy a big spool of yarn at Wal-Mart or a huge skein at Jo-Ann's on clearance.  I've been using the same colors of yarn from those spools and such for YEARS and I've made a lot of dish clothes, wash clothes and pot holders.  Trust me, that yarn will go further than you think.

If you don't want to use two colors, or can't afford to buy 2 colors of yarn, just roll the one skein you have into two balls and use the same color.  They come out looking just as nice that way.

Simple Knitted Potholder Pattern

You will need:
  • 2 strands/skeins of cotton yarn 
  • Size 7 Knitting needles 
  • Size H crochet hook (optional)
1.  Using double yarn (2 skeins at same time) cast on 26 to 28 stitches (if you aren't going to crochet a border around the pot holder at the end, definitely go for 28, or even 30, just to be sure the pot holder looks right).

2.  Knit for 36 rows (no purling here).

3.  Cast off and tuck in ends.

4.  Using one ply of yarn this time, crochet a border of your choice around the pot holder for 2 rows and then make a chained hanger on one corner of the pot holder.  Secure the hanger down and cast off.

5.  If you don't crochet, once you are done casting off and tucking in ends for your pot holder, braid three pieces of the cotton yarn (four inches long would be more than long enough) and then tie the braided yarn to one corner of your pot holder for a hanger.  
And tadaa!!!  You now have a simple pot holder pattern.  I can make one of these in about two hours of uninterrupted time.

And yes, before you, ask, these work great.  I use these in my own household all the time and I've yet to burn myself using them.  And trust me sometimes it takes me a few minutes to figure out where I can put something down *laugh*.

Total Cost to Make Gift:  I've had the yarn for years, so I'm going with free as I can't remember how much the yarn cost.

Total Time to Make Gift:  Two hours.


  1. Love the potholder idea and thank you for the simple instructions, Erika. I'm a very basic knitter and crocheter, so this is perfect for my skill level. I might just try this sometime. I think I'll practice on some for myself first though, before I make them as gifts. *laugh*

  2. *Laugh* I got good enough at knitting to try one, ONE, cable knit sweater for my nephew a few years ago. That was more than enough for me. I'm back to just doing the basics, much to the chagrin of my mom who does sweaters so intricate that they are an art form in themselves.

    Yup, for me it's scarves and pot holders anymore and I'm happy with that ;).