Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Menu Plan Monday (Late): Menu for Week of 10/19/15

Yup.  Menu plan for the week is getting posted late.  I was juggling a daughter who was utterly traumatized about getting four braces on her front teeth and she's been complaining for nearly 24 hours straight (with a break for sleep, thank goodness).  My daughter is definitely the "drama loving" kid in the family and she's competing with an autistic brother, so I think she feels like she needs to live up to the challenge *sigh*.

Don't get me wrong.  I feel for her.  It's hard enough not fitting in when younger due to food allergies (she used to be allergic to corn, which really restricted what she could eat) and now she's got to stick out again because of her braces and having to be careful with what she chews on for the next eight months.  But she really outdid herself on the drama the last 24 hours to the point mama nearly cheered when she walked into the school this morning.  I know, I'm an awful parent.  I'll feel guilty later ;).

So, I am finally able to sit down and work on the menu plan for the week.  So, here we go!

Menu Plan for the Week of 10/19/15
Monday:  Easy baked fish (I need to blog this recipe soon for you all.  It really is easy and tasty!), seasoned rice, peaches.

Tuesday:  Baked lemon Parmesan chicken on pasta (new recipe I'm messing with), green beans.

Wednesday:  Crock post roast pork, apple sauce, sliced fried potatoes.

Thursday:  Pancakes, bacon, eggs.

Friday:  Creamy shrimp pasta with mushrooms (a pantry friendly recipe I'm messing with), Cheesy Garlic Biscuits Ala Red Lobster

Saturday:  Baked Balsamic Pork Steaks, rice, fruit cocktail.

Sunday:  Leftovers or Tacos (if no left overs are to be had).
To Bake:  Bread, cheesy garlic biscuits.  Baking day, Friday (well the bread might have to get made earlier than that, but we shall see).

Desserts:  Jello with Whipped Topping, pudding, white hot chocolate (daughter wants to try it).


  1. Haha, that's too funny. I'm making the red lobster biscuits tonight to go with the beef stew we made in the crock pot. In fact, I was reading this before completing them, since I have a bit of time before supper needs to be ready (daughter is at a social group tonight). Have you had these before? They are the best biscuits ever!!!

  2. *Laugh* well they say great minds think alike ;).

    Good to know they taste good. I've had that recipe pinned forever and decided to finally make it :).

  3. I have a 18 who was a drama king. Hopefully your daughter like my Adam will grow out of it. Don't feel guilty, better we the parents pay for the braces then our kids when they are adults. Bet alot of kids at her school has or will have braces put on. She will just fit in fine. Cheryl