Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Monthly Goals: September 2015

Well, I am actually rather proud of myself this time around.  Looking back on my goals for last month I accomplished pretty darned near all of them.  So woohoo for me!

About the only things I didn't do was making soap (decided not to waste the shortening right now) and I ran into shorts at the used store for .25 a pair for the kids, so I didn't make them shorts as I didn't see the point.  Course, than the temperature tanked and we've had the heat on at night the last week, so I'm kind of glad I didn't waste the material making them shorts.  And I didn't reorganize the master bedroom yet as I'm still trying to figure out what to do with the multitudes of clothing we pulled out of storage and are currently taking up the one corner of my bedroom where my dresser used to be.  I'm trying to convince my husband to just let me donate the clothes to the used store as clothing pulls in NOTHING at yard sales around here, but we'll see how that goes.

I got my son's birthday gift done (I'll reveal his room makeover hopefully in the next couple of days) despite having a terrible cold the last few days, which I was proud of myself that I got that done.  I'm hoping to feel up to taking pictures tomorrow (and it will be easier if my son is up to going to school tomorrow).  So the rest of this week is going to be goals like getting his birthday cake made, getting kids to a dental appointment Friday (please PLEASE be well enough for that kids) and trying to find some energy to clean up the house as we're having a few visitors over for my son's birthday and my house currently looks like a bomb went off in it.  My son being home sick hasn't helped the house much and ME being sick has stopped me from keeping up with the majority of his ability to make a huge mess.  Not a good combo for my poor house.

The garden is pretty much done for the year.  About the only thing still growing is the turnips, which luckily can withstand pretty heavy frosts without dying.  I don't know how much longer it's going to be before I'm pulling them and using at least the greens for something, but right now I'm in "wait and see" mode when it comes to them. 

The temperature has been tanking down into the 30's at night and when I heard that it had hit 35 one night I flinched and ran out to the garden as soon as I could.  Luckily by that point the tomato plants were only half dead, so I quickly harvested all the tomatoes, and there were a BUNCH.  They are now sitting in a box in my kitchen slowly ripening.  I think as they ripen I might just process them a few at a time into a tomato sauce like state and freeze them a bit at a time.  I think once all the tomatoes ripen I could get a decent amount of tomato sauce out of them. 

So, anyway, the goals for the garden are pretty much done with a few maintenance type of things looking toward next year (composting and such).

So, onto the goals for this month!

1.  Work on Christmas Gifts
This is usually the month where working on gifts starts to take off, slowly, but surely.  I've got a lot of gifts to make and I don't like to feel too rushed to get things done.
2.  Reorganize master bedroom
I really need to work on a floor plan, figure out a more cohesive decorating theme and just get the room done.  It really needs some TLC and I need to stop just treating it like a room I sleep in.  It could be a lot nicer place than that.
3.  Rotate items out of freezer
I, like so many other people, have things that get buried in my freezers.  I really need to start digging those things up and using them up so they don't go to waste.  Seeing how this a month where I'm going to living out of our pantry more, this is also a good month to do some freezer rotation as well.
4.  Make a fall themed table runner
The one stupid and small extravagance I make every year is I go out and I buy one of those plastic vinyl cheapy tablecloths for Halloween and I keep that on until about Thanksgiving and end up throwing it away as the design starts to wear off of it.  I don't really want to waste the four dollars on one this year, so I'm going to try and just make a fall themed and maybe a Halloween themed table runner and that way I'll be able to reuse it every year and not waste the money.  I figure if I go and use a coupon for Jo-Ann Fabrics and find a Halloween material and such I like, I could potentially get off making a table runner pretty cheap.  We'll see how it goes.
5.  Make some more cloth napkins and napkin rings.

6.  Make a couple new skirts for my daughter.
My daughter decided she was going to play "Brave" out on the playground with her friends one day while wearing one of my home made skirts.  Yeah, remember the part with "Curse this dress!" and Merida pops the seams on the dress?  Well it didn't work as well for Armina because her skirt had better sewn seams so she actually tore the fabric on the skirt instead.  We had a long talk about it and talked about ways you could PRETEND to tear out clothing without actually doing it from now on.

The sad part was when she finally told me what had happened and such I just wasn't even mad, although I was disappointed.  I mean she was playing.  Kids do that.  I just wish she hadn't wrecked the skirt in the process.  But c'est la vie.  At least she was wearing leggings under the skirt (I insist on that), so she didn't have more problems from it.

7.  Use crock pot at least twice a week.
It has taken me years to come to appreciate the crock pot, but I'm seriously loving it right now.  It's so nice to have dinner just handled so when we get back from school and therapies and such that dinner is just done.  Or at least the main event anyway.  And it's really helping to tenderize really cheap meat (mainly pork shoulder roasts), which is a definite benefit.

8. Dig out Halloween decorations and put um up!
Halloween is my husband's favorite holiday.  He doesn't get enthusiastic about much of anything else when it comes to holidays throughout the year, so I started a tradition last year where we celebrate two months of Halloween.  My husband gets to watch his scary movies a couple of times a week, we decorate the house and he has a good time.  Since I like Christmas more than he does, I figure it's only fair :).  And the kids have really gotten into it over the last few years too, which gives them one more thing to bond with their dad over, which is wonderful for me to see.
9.   Get allergy records for son transferred over to new allergist office.
My old allergist office is just being...ugh...about getting my son's records transferred to a new allergist we're going to see at the end of the month.  So I'm going to have to print off a release of information form and then go and dig up a fax machine somewhere to fax over the request.  
10.  Work on Mending
It's the never ending task!  I'm half serious as it seems like every time I think I'm close to done suddenly something else pops up that has a hole or tear in it (my husband is hard on clothing in his profession).
So, those are the basic goals I have set for this month.  I think I can get them all done.  Heck, I got last month's list done and it was WAY more to do than this month's goals.

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