Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Finding Wonder and Joy: An Important Lesson

When it comes to anxiety, I feel like I could write volumes now a days.  And depression?  Yeah, I battle that too.  You can only have your child look at you so many times asking, "Mommy, are we still too broke?" before you want to give in, curl into a ball and cry.

We have all been there.  Whether it is a time of financial hardship, health problems or just a time in our lives where it seems everything goes wrong, we all have periods where we feel the crushing weight of the world on our shoulders.  Like Atlas we struggle along, feeling very much alone in our suffering and trying to figure out where to find the energy to make that next step.

I've had friends ask me again and again how I cope with everything.  My son's autism that has kept his voice silent from me these long six years.  My daughter with her stomach problems.  Both of their allergies.  My husband's health issues.  Money problems.  They seem to look at me like I'm some type of super woman or something and ask in wonder, "How?  How do you cope?"

My answer is always, "Because I have to.  There is no other option."

And it's the honest to goodness truth.

I don't consider myself extraordinary in any way.  Heck, most days I'm barely making it through the day.  If not for caffeine I doubt I'd be a functional human being at all. 

I do try to keep a positive mental attitude as much as possible.  One of the ways I do this is by seeing joy and wonder in the small everyday things (the other way is to have a sardonic and somewhat dark sense of humor at times).  Sometimes it's as small as seeing the smiles on my children's faces.  The sun rising or setting.  My children finally asleep in their beds so I can go and crash in mine.  Appreciating the smell that the air gets after a rain shower.  How wonderful and renewed you feel after a good shower (other parents will appreciate that one ;).

I thought, today, I'd share one of the songs I've found inspiring throughout the years.  I've found this song inspiring since I was a child. 

And it's from the TV show "Fraggle Rock".

Yup.  I'm sure I've mentioned that I'm odd.

Seriously, though, when nothing else seems to get me through, this song puts a smile on my face and makes me look around for the wonder in everything around me.

I mean think about it.  You can plant a seed and it grows into a plant.  You can turn strawberries into jam.  You can turn negative thoughts into something positive.  It's not easy, but it's possible if you just try (and please note, in NO WAY am I saying you can cure clinical depression on your own.  If you can't pull out of a negative space, please seek help.  Depression is nothing to mess with).

So, here you go folks!  Find wonder in the every day!  It will help put a smile on your face. I promise.

Today, I woke up and thanked God for a few things.  I thanked him for my husband, my children, that I had a roof over my head and that I woke up at all.  Always those are good things to be thankful for.

Follow Me (Uncle Mat's Theme from Fraggle Rock)

Every day the world begins again
Sunny skies or rain
Come and follow me

Every sunrise shows me more and more
So much to explore
Come and follow me

Every morning, every day
Every evening, calling me away

While the sun goes 'round
I'll still be found
Following the sound
Something's calling me

When the world goes drifting back to bed
Memories in my head
Wonders follow me

Every morning, every day
Every evening, calling me away
Every morning, every day
Every evening, calling me away


  1. Hi Erika,

    I found your blog through the Prudent Homemaker and have been reading back through the whole thing the last couple of days. I am so inspired by all of your posts -- especially the recipes you post as cooking is a particular pleasure of mine and I really enjoy seeing how other people work a sort of culinary jujitsu to make the most of what they have available.

    Anyway, this post touched me today and I wanted to thank you for it and to let you know that I will be thinking of you all and sending positive thoughts your way. I, too, struggle with depression and anxiety and the lesson I have to learn over and over is that I am the only one who can control my reactions and my emotional response to whatever situation I am in (and if I can't control it...call the doctor). Your post expresses this beautifully. Thanks!

    Also, I'm a Fraggle Rock fan, too -- although I don't recognize this song. I will have to see if I can find a youtube video.

  2. It's from the first episode of Fraggle Rock. Gobo and Uncle Mat sing the song together to share the wonder they find in exploring. It's a great song. I know it's available to view as I've watched it many times :).

    And thank you for the kind words. I appreciate it!