Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Monthly Goals: July 2017

Man, I'm almost half way through the month and NOW I finally get to doing monthly goals.  That's just sad.  The son has definitely not been helping with my ability to think of late, though, so I'm definitely going to give him credit where credit is due. 

When it comes to July, usually my goals end up revolving around getting ready for back to school and things.  This year really is no different, except I'm just going to look up the school supply list online, figure out what I have and get the bare minimum needed to see the kids through school for a while.  I am not going to kill myself to get a lengthy school supply list when I'm barely getting by.  I'll have pow wows with teachers if need be, but if I can't fill the list with what I have, what I can get from friends and what I can afford...we'll deal with it.  I'm just not stressing about it.

This month we'll be celebrating my husband's birthday.  It's going to be a frugal and simple one, but I do plan on making him his favorite type of cake to celebrate.

So, anyway, onto the goals for this month!

Sewing Goals:
  • Make "un-paper towels" (figuring it'll save on using paper towels, but I'll still have the convenience of having them in the kitchen as needed for quick scrub downs on the counters and things this way)
  • Make reusable food wrap cloths (another project in the works.  This is an idea I'm working with for Christmas gifts...not sure how well it'll work, but I am curious)
  • Work on new comforter tops to salvage what is left of some of the comforters
  • Continue to work on embroidery for tote bag projects (this is so problematic as with the other projects I can steal a few minutes here or there, but with the son melting down at a moment's notice I'm having a really hard time concentrating enough to do embroidery)
  • Darn husband's socks

Cleaning/organizing Goals:
  • Reorganize freezer and figure out what we need in the way of meat (I'm thinking we're down to pretty much chicken at this point, so I am going to have to find money in our limited budget to get more beef and pork at some point)
  • Shampoo the carpets (got the son's carpet done today)
  • Clean up den and get recycling out of the house
  • Clean windows and closet doors

Garden/yard Goals:
  • Expand trellis for peas and (hopefully soon as they JUST started popping up) pole beans
  • Replant spinach and lettuce seeds
  • Harvest chard when big enough and replant seeds
  • Watch rose hips and harvest when ripe or as needed (in the case of bugs eating too many of them)
  • Harvest fireweed petals, make juice, put in freezer to make jelly with at later date
  • Harvest rest of rhubarb, if and when it's ready
  • Continue to harvest lettuce

General Goals:
  • Make husband foot cream for birthday
  • Make angel food cake for husband's birthday

And there you are folks.  My goals for the month.  How about you?  Working on anything this month?


  1. as ever, you are more then welcome to come raid our rhubarb.. even if we're not home :) you can even check the rose bush up by the front porch for hips, though we haven't had many blooms so far this year.. and looks like we have some fireweed popping up in the "frog preserve" area (behind the tire garden - we really slacked off this year what with needing to move everything to redo the septic system..) that you are welcome to if you want to battle your way in :)
    i may also have a box of assorted school supplies i can raid to help out if need be

    1. Thanks tons :). I'll definitely get back to you on the school supply (and everything else) front!

  2. Ugggh I have so many goals, my goals have goals, and we must be on the 4th generation by now. Am I any closer to getting any of them done? Nope!! There's a little me running around in my head one side, then another, arms waving willy nilly going ARRRGGGGHHH!!! WHAT DO I DO NEXT???!!

    Our garden is slow going this year, though what we've gotten has been good. I'm concerned about my blueberries though, I thought it was just the incredible rain we had had, but one of them has all yellow leaves, and the PH is fine, so it's not that, and now, it's had a few weeks to recover, so why still yellow? Google has no answer. Another, huge, and hearty, did not flower or fruit. I'm going to give it good trimming this winter, and see if that was the problem.

    I'd dearly love to do another yard sale soon, but not sure if will happen. Once the in laws leave, I'll be sorting through fall and winter clothes to see what we need to buy, same with school supplies. I don't need much on that, I told my son we are taking in the unGodly amounts of good pencils with bad erasers, and new eraser tips for the first few months, and once the kids are tired of breaking or stealing those, then I'll pull out the stash of mechanical ones in the closet. He needed some weird stuff, but luckily, I knew that a year ahead, so as my mom has given us random stuff, or last years school supplies clearance, I picked it up.

    I have been slowly keep an eye our for Christmas gifts. My kids birthdays are coming soon, so my youngest I'm pretty set, my oldest I've a start. Christmas at this point is about 25% done I think. We've so many to buy for, and I don't mind, because I love to give gifts, but sometime's it's hard to find something that they would like, can be mailed easily, (and inexpensively) and was bought at a good price. Always a challenge, but usually I pull through.

    My husband got a small paying gig for film work, so going to split that check when it comes in August or September 50/50, half towards a future vehicle savings, and the other half to reimburse the money we've had to spend demolding our crawl space. My husband spent days doing it all himself. Its much better, and so clean now, and saved a ton verses someone else doing it, but it still cost about $500 when it was all said and done. I've been taking advantage of not having to drop my youngest off at PreSchool before work, so been getting an extra 30-45 minutes at work each week which has been wonderful.

    I do have a goal too, to think out the pantry and freezer. Never happens, but I'd like to try. I've dug out old food that needs to be eaten, so we will see how that goes!!