Thursday, May 25, 2017

What's For Dinner: This Week's Menu

So, Monthly Goals...yeah this is definitely a month where the term "goal" comes home to roost.  The son's new medicine is working okay, I think, although he's getting so little sleep that he's definitely having mood problems and I'm getting about 2 hours of sleep a night, so no sleep make Erika no think too good.  I'm honestly not sure if the lack of sleep is from the new medicine or the increasing sunlight as it's not like having problems sleeping isn't normal for him or anything and with his eczema flared and bugging him and the increased humidity (we've had a solid week of rainy weather with highs in the upper 40's...I'm planting lettuce seedlings today come Hell or high water though as I've already lost a couple just due to them being in pots too long).  So, finding energy to get ANYTHING done on my goals list has been...well hard to come by.  I've gotten things done, but kind of in a scatterbrained fashion.

Bright side, broody hens...that situation is improving.  We're down to one hen who has been REALLY determined to be broody, but today she actually popped her head out of the nesting boxes to get treats on her own, so I'm hoping all three hens will be back to normal soon.  Right now I'm only getting one egg about every other day, so I'm hoping laying will improve her soon.  Bright side at least I'm getting SOME eggs again, so it's been helping with cooking and baking this week.

Right, so the menu plan for this week.  I'm really trying hard to make meals that are creative with what we have in the pantry and freezer as my husband has to take leftovers for work lunches.  Saddest part is as I'm packing his lunch at like 11:00 at night (first opportunity I get to do it as that is when my son finally goes back to his room and will stay there for a while) I REALLY have to resist the urge to pack a PB&J for him and call it good (he loves peanut butter, so my son's allergy really makes him miserable sometimes).

But, yeah, onto this week's menu!  Bright side I've already got one decently "gourmet" and yet "cheap" meal to share with you all here, hopefully today :).  It turned out so good my husband actually was looking forward to having the left overs for lunch today *laugh*.

There's going to be some hold overs on the menu plan from the last couple of weeks.  I had the menu for last week all planned out, but my husband was really craving red meat this last week, so I ended up pulling out a container of hamburger and making tacos one night and then hamburgers the next on home made bread.  I'm using up what is left over the hamburger from the package (somewhere between a quarter and a half a pound of burger) and some sliced up leftover beef roast to make beef stroganoff tonight for dinner.

Menu Plan for Week of 5/25/17
Wednesday:  Fish Almondine, rice, salad

Thursday:  Beef Stroganoff (use leftover beef roast, leftover hamburger and yogurt to make)

Friday:  Leftover tacos (pad out meat with beans)

Saturday:  Home made Pizza

Sunday:  Fish and Chips

Monday:  Chicken Kiev, rice pilaf (home made), fruit coctail

Tuesday:  Pork Croquettes (use leftover bits and pieces of pork from freezer), apple sauce, rice

Breakfasts:  Oatmeal, English Muffins with plain yogurt and orange marmalade topping (don't knock it till you try it, believe me!  Graham Kerr turned me onto that combo and it is yummy!), toast

Desserts:  Grapes with custard (use leftover grapes in fridge!), home made ice cream, oatmeal raisin cookies

Snacks:  Cheese sticks, grapes, apples, yogurt with jam or granola topping, popcorn

To make:  Granola, custard, ice cream

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  1. Your menu sounds good. I had to look up fish almondine to see what it was (I guess it was kind of obvious, huh...almond. Lol) what kind of fish do you use? You may have mentioned it somewhere. We like tilapia and catfish. Tacos also sound good. My husband isn't that crazy over them but he will humor me sometimes if I have a craving. However, he did just make some awesome chicken quesadillas. We came in late, after helping some friends move, and he pitched in and fixed those. Really great! I think the secret was the Hidden Valley Ranch Buffalo Ranch dressing. I saw it one day and bought a bottle thinking he would like it, on a night we were having company. Hope you get some rest soon and that gardening goes well.