Monday, April 10, 2017

Monthly Goals Update and This Week's Goals

So, what happened to Frugal Friday last week you ask?

Well, actually I was really frugal last week.  Mainly because we were all sick and so no money was spent because I didn't go anywhere or do anything but be sick or take care of others who were sick.

We started the week with the daughter catching a cold and that lasted till about mid-week.  Then I started catching said cold, but was holding it off.  And then my son got the stomach flu.  So, after staying up all night taking care of him...well the cold didn't so much hit me as hit me like a truck.  So, I JUST started feeling better today and had to run around like a maniac this morning to get errand running done that I didn't get done last week because of all the sickness.

I also needed to run and get unforeseen chicken supplies.  We finally went and got the chickens yesterday (thank goodness).  The coop isn't QUITE done as we need to put the insulation on the outside of the coop and add a few wood panels on top of it to insulate the nesting box area.  Overall, though, I was impressed with how roomy and comfortable my husband was able to make the coop for the chickens and they are VERY happy by the sounds they are making (a chicken treat brick that I bought at the farm supply store MIGHT have helped a bit).

I was worried when we picked up the chickens though and found that they were completely out of things like chicken grit and things, so I ran to the supply store today and grabbed those things.  It really wasn't too much money overall, but was still more than I was thinking I'd have to spend for start up costs as Shani thought she had plenty of everything (other people were feeding the chickens since she's been sick, so I don't blame her at all), but at least the chickens are settled and hopefully might start laying eggs here soon.  Bright side was I was able to collect seven eggs from Shani's coop and deliver them to her so she can have some farm fresh eggs in her diet here.  It can't do her anything but good at this point.  I'm really worried about her as when I saw her yesterday she seemed like she had some energy, but she's lost an awful lot of weight and she hasn't even started treatment yet. 
The entire cost of the coop was right around 200.00, and of course labor on my husband's part (and it's takes up an entire bay of my barn pretty much).  I can't imagine how that big of a coop would have cost if I'd bought it somewhere else, so yay for having a mechanically inclined husband!  I just hope the chickens will be happy and content here as I hated the necessity that required me to adopt them.

My husband went to a meeting about the drug treatment center and we came away severely depressed.  Basically, because the center is run by an independent company and not the state there is no special permit that the company would need to open said building, thus nothing that we can even contest.  And we also found out that the borough LOVED the idea of the thing going in, so we weren't going to get anyone on board with the idea of putting the center into a better area.  So, basically, we're screwed.

Basic plan we've come up with is that we're going to go to the bank after we get a accurate survey of our land done (which I need to start looking for someone to do that for a decent price...I hope it doesn't cost much) and then either get a home equity loan or even refinance our mortgage so that we can get the funds to put up a big privacy fence around our entire property, preferably with barbed wire on top so we don't have to worry about fence jumpers getting over very easily.  It's the only protection we can really think to do at this point.  It was a depressing, sick filled week for sure *sigh*.  At least we have property that could go residential or commercial, so we're hoping to get the fence built, get the land cleared and maybe sell it as commercial property.  The governor is determined to push tons of taxes and things through up here, so we're seriously considering relocating in the next few years as our standard of living is so high up here already that if they start putting taxes on top of it, there is going to be no reason to stay as it would start making living here just too expensive to stay.

Bright side to the week was my husband got to go in and start the process to get all of the various security clearances he'll need to work at the airport, so yay for that!

Last week I might not have gotten much done on the money saving front, other than not going anywhere or spending money because I was too busy or not up to do doing much, but we got the coop pretty much done (so one goal nearly accomplished) and I spent a good couple of days researching cancer treatment centers for Shani.  I was trying to find a good place that would have everything she would need to help her hopefully beat this cancer (she asked me as she just wasn't up to concentrating enough to do it).  I think I now know more about her cancer than she does after reading a lot of different sites and sources, and I found a really good cancer center that I'm hoping she can get into.  The head doctor there is the top authority in her type of cancer, they have a special scanner to help detect her cancer cells and figure out where to target them, and they have four research studies going on for her type of cancer right now.  I hope she can get her wound healed up enough to go and at least get the opportunity to fight the cancer with the best tools at hand.  Here's hoping.

So, yeah, anyway onto this week's goals!

General Goals:
  • Harvest some lettuce from hydroponics garden (I can't BELIEVE how quick the lettuce grew the last 10 days.  I'll have to take a pic of it so you can see it later!).
  • Finish up meal plan for the week (I got it like 98% done, but need to finish it tomorrow).
  • Recover house from being sick (this is taking a LOT longer than I thought because I am still wearing out easily from this cold).
  • Clean car (this needs it bad)
  • Look in closet and see if I have a pair of sneakers for the son in the next size up (found out when I checked his shoes today that his toes are at the end of his's hoping).
  • Get some baking done (hopefully tomorrow) to get school treats, bread and some muffins done for the week.
  • Fold and put away laundry.
  • Mend bathing suit 
  • Mend comforters (again)
  • Get well (this is definitely a hope on my part as I'm SO tired right now)
And there you go folks.  My goals for this week.  How about you?


  1. I can't wait to see your hydroponic lettuce!!! I tried doing some a while back, and it turned out okay but not really big enough to harvest.

  2. We have family in, so just been hanging out with them, helping chase their 2 toddlers who are runners in our fence free street, and cooking. I am still so freaking exhausted from being sick so long. I am starting to wonder will I ever feel normal again?? I feel like at least its a little later in the day before I am worn out, but still!! We are going on a long saved vacation this summer with a lot of walking involved, so thats why I worry!!

    I'm glad youve found out so much for your friend, maybe some of it can help her. I sure hope so.

    This week, with family i and over buying groceries, I went way over the grocery budget, but I am hoping to trim back enough the rest of the month to make up for it. Fingers crossed!!!

  3. I've always heard the cost of living was extremely high in Alaska. Do the salaries match that?

    I'm glad you can research for your friend. Hopefully, she will be able to get in where she can get the most help. All in all, cancer is a nasty thing, and the treatments are harsh. I know several who have it. The good news is that treatments are so much more successful these days that many I know are doing quite well in spite of their cancer.

    The chickens will probably need a little while to settle down. They hate changes. When we used to have them, my husband always cared for them in the mornings. He talked to them, and sometimes sang to them. If we were away, they usually stopped laying because their routine was broken--yup, special needs chickens:) Spring is a good time for them, though, and they should lay well as the days get longer. The other thing to watch for is the age of the chickens. We usually got some new baby chicks on the second year, and kept both the new and old until the little ones got big enough to lay (about 6 months), then rotated out the old ones by selling them at an auction. This kept the eggs flowing strongly. We occasionally kept an old hen if it was a favorite, but they don't lay as well when they get older.