Monday, August 22, 2016

Monthly Goals Update and This Week's Goals

When looking at my list of things that I wanted to get done last week, really, overall, I didn't do too terribly bad, although I wish I could have gotten more done than I did.

The biggest accomplishment I got done last week was getting the majority of the veggies I purchased or received processed and into the freezer or otherwise put up for the winter.  I still have a bunch more food preservation to go, but yay for progress!  The one head of cabbage I bought made the consistency of about five heads of cabbage for the freezer.  I was even able to use the tough outer leaves, sliced into thin strips, to make freezer slaw, so that'll be nice to have around this winter for sure.  And I got a ton of zucchini processed to turn into zucchini bread this winter too (yay!).

Carrs had cantaloupes on sale for 1.88 a piece this week (for local folks this sale runs through tomorrow) so I went and got two.  One got dehydrated yesterday and made into cantaloupe leather for lunch box fare and the other one I'm going to freeze in chunks to have as dessert over the winter months.

The beds were changed.  The freezers got rearranged, which worked out well as it afforded me more room for fruits and veggies in the freezer (yeehaw!).  I got some of the house cleaning back log done as well, although I still have an awful lot left to do.

This week's goals are kind of all over the board, so let's get to it!

Canning/Preservation Goals:
  • Can strawberry preserves (need the room in the freezer so this is kind of on the "important" list)
  • Can lemonade concentrate
  • Cut up and freeze cantaloupe
  • Preserve peppers (figuring out if I want to freeze them or dehydrate them right now)
  • Dehydrate potatoes

Sewing Goals:
  • Work on Christmas Gifts (I'm hoping to get two done this week)
  • Repair hole in daughter's winter jacket (it's just a split seam, so it shouldn't be too hard)
  • If there is time work on sewing list (things that need to be done that I wrote out)

General Goals:
  • Clean ceiling fans
  • Get caught up on housework
  • Get through doctor's appointment for arm (Wednesday)
How about you?  Got anything planned this week?


  1. Hi Erika,
    You've really had a good week with more productivity to come. I'm also glad to see that you'll be having your arm checked out. I've been up to my ears in apples all week getting them preserved for winter and those are just the summer seconds that were on sale. I've frozen and dehydrated peppers and we prefer the dehydrated ones as they rehydrate more like fresh. Could you tell me how you do your lemonade concentrate? I've only frozen it using lemon juice and sweetener. We're still cleaning out the garage which seems to be an endless job but a must because we need more room for this year's pellets for the pellet stove, having ordered much more this year. After that gets done it will be on to the freezer for defrosting and seeing how much of what is in there. I'm also hoping to get some notecards made. I've got a few ideas percolating that include include Mod Podge (which I have on hand) and some paint and fabric (also on hand). My goal is to use whatever supplies I have to create birthday, anniversary, Christmas gifts. So far it's working. I hope that you get a good report from the doctor and if any treatment is needed it will be simple. Dorothy

    1. I looked around at recipes and called my mom (she was raised by my great grandma who did EVERYTHING to perfection) and asked her opinion and we both decided between the recipes online and the Ball Book of Home Preserving the best ratio for lemonade concentrate would be...

      1 part lemon juice
      1 part water
      1 part sugar

      Then whatever you end up with in the end for volume, boil it (obviously), separate into pint jars and process in a water bath canner for 15 minutes.

      To reconstitute take one pint jar of lemonade concentrate and mix with 8 cups to 16 cups water (depending on how strong you like your lemonade).

      My mom said she did this and froze it flat in freezer bags (2 cup portions) and it worked great for her, so I'm betting the canned stuff will work great too :).

      Thanks for the tip on the peppers. I was going to ask you about that. I'll dehydrate them, than. I was thinking they'd taste better that way and it'll save me room in the freezer for something else.

  2. Today, my mom and I will be processing the 25lb box of peaches I ordered. Thankfully, the canning gods are co-operating and the weather is cooler than it has been in a long time!

    Hope your arm doesn't need much to get it back to normal. Good luck with the appointment!

  3. Today is the 1st day of school for my oldest, and my youngest turned 4. So tryi g to get stuff cleaned up for family to come for dinner, plus his primary class comes Saturday so tryi g to do a little extra tidy.

    This week, I hope to get stuffed priced out for a few things, try and find stuff for a yard sale, or an upcoming consignment sale (not sure which to do!!) And also to work o. A baby blanket I am attempting to loom knit. Also need to sort through the kids fall clothes. I finally realize as boys, they have too many clothes and half dont get worn, so going forward I need to do better. I also want to get into my closet and both find stuff to donate b7t also take stock of Christmas gifts. Since my oldest will be 9, hes going to be harder this year. Ive not found anything on clearance this year except for a few small things. And his birthday is in October so need to keep an eye out. Also, I want to try and keep cleaning out the junk/guest room

  4. You have done great this past week. Doesn't it feel great to have a full freezer and an almost full pantry?
    I met my goal last week which was to survive. We had the church's college group here for supper and boy were they hungry. I just love feeding hungry people. Son #2 made it in from his internship and repacked to leave for his apartment at college. Son #3 began college yesterday and Son #1 finished his training and has now started his job! He is still considered temporary and will not be able to go full-time for a few more months. He has a Master's Degree, great work experience yet because of Obamacare, he nor any of his generation can get full-time work. It is sad to see them have to struggle.
    My goals for this week are as follows:
    *Get the house back in order. You clean the house for company and then have to clean because of company. Go figure.
    *Work in the garden and continue to harvest what is ready. Also clear out what is finished and get it ready to plow for the fall/winter garden. This will be a BIG job but hubby will be helping. The weather reports it will still be 90 to 94 degrees every day so getting up at sunrise is still necessary.
    *Order Gro-Guard covers to extend the produce area of the winter garden. Last year the winter garden was so successful I plan on making it larger. I am in zone 6b/7 in lower middle Tennessee and the things that will survive under protective cloths is amazing. However, I have got to figure out what I want to plant, length and width of rows, how many rows, what to put where. I really hate math.
    *Start seeds in cups on the front porch so they will be grown up a few inches or they won't survive the bug onslaught when they are put in the garden.
    *Tomorrow I plan on visiting the produce auction and see if I can get anything to can or freeze. It is late in the season and I may not get much.
    *Received an email from the peach orchard and more peaches are ripening. Last time I missed out on getting any since they had sold out.
    *Thursday is my garden club meeting. Yeah for some fun.
    *I have spent the morning cutting out coupons and deciding what to get at the grocery store so shopping is on the list.
    *The mending pile has not been touched in forever. I wonder if I can even get to it?????
    I am stopping on my to do list before I get overwhelmed.

  5. Just wondering how you dehydrate your potatoes and what you use them for. Thanks!