Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Menu Plan for the Week

There are some weeks where you are with it and have your menu plan done early Sunday, or even already have it done the week before.  You feel a sense of confidence and purpose and you just feel proud of yourself for being so organized.

This is not one of those weeks.

I kept meaning to get to the menu plan.  Really I did.  Things just kept getting in my way.  

We are so tight on money this week and next there isn't even the safety net of picking something up at the store or eating out as a "emergency reserve" measure.  Basically this was a week where a menu plan was most definitely necessary and I never got to it.

So, yeah, I've been punting on dinner the last couple of days and it has been awful trying to figure out what to make!  So, today is the day to get it done.  Better late than never.

So, here's the menu plan for this week.

Menu for Week of 5/2/16
Monday:  Baked chicken, garlic toast, peaches (daughter's dinner request)

Tuesday:  Steak, potatoes au gratin (I was too tired to worry about another veggie, but we had pear slices for dessert, so there's that).

Wednesday:  Tacos (if I have sour cream...which is iffy)

Thursday:  BBQ ribs, mashed potatoes, green beans.

Friday:  Noodle Bowl Night

Saturday:  Meatloaf, leftover mashed potatoes, leftover green beans.

Sunday:  Ham, spinach (from freezer), easy potatoes gratin (determined to make this and see if it works!)
Desserts:  Leftover lemon cake (we have exactly one piece left that I'm probably going to eat for breakfast today, but we've been enjoying it), root beer freezes (we went to a memorial get together for a friend of my husband's family Sunday and my husband snagged me an IBC root beer that I just ended up taking home.  We used it to make the freezes Monday night with what little ice cream we had left in the freezer).  Cookie bars (need to make still)

So, there you are folks.  My menu plan for the week (well what is left of it *laugh*).  How about you?  What's on your menu for this week?


  1. How do you do your noodle bowls? I'm planning to try a new recipe I saw on Lynn's Kitchen Adventures for Ground Beef Fajita Bowl. I think I have everything for it on hand, except coriander, which I will just leave out. When I get bell peppers on sale, I slice and freeze them if I can't eat them fast enough.

  2. I got busy and made a months worth of menus.
    I can so relate to your just getting a menu done. It seems when we are shortest on time and cash is when we need menus the most but it is also when it is hardest to do.

  3. I make my own sour cream by adding a spoonful of lemon juice to the milk. It curdles the milk and makes it sour. I use fresh milk so I don't know if it will work with store bought milk.