Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Menu Plan for Week of 5/16/16

 Whew!  I'm exhausted today.  Not only did my son not want to sleep last night, at ALL (he took a nap yesterday afternoon so I knew I was in trouble), but then yesterday I spent starting to catch up on cleaning the house and today I spent the morning running around more than I wanted to and canning dilly beans.  So, yeah, it's 2:10 and I can officially start my day now.  Catching up on cleaning is going to go well today *sigh*.

At least I'm not missing out too much on getting yard work done today as it's raining out, so I am not too motivated to go out and get my yard tools wet chopping up bushes.  The way this is going, I think I might try really hard to get up a couple of hours before the kids (5:00 am or so) every day during summer break and just go and hit the yard for at least an hour since my husband will be home sleeping (theoretically) and I won't have to worry about the kids too much and since we have 24 hours of daylight coming up really soon here I will be able to get a lot done if I can do it.  IF being the operative word with my son's sleep habits, but it's definitely worth a shot.

When it comes to the menu plan this week...the only thing that shouted out to me when I was looking at recipes online this week was salads and sweets *laugh*.  I am watching my lettuce in the garden like a hawk and have been eating salads on and off for lunch, so I'm THINKING I might need some nutrients from those items.  I haven't even made a starch to go with dinner the last few nights (much to my daughter's ire) as I really just didn't want to eat one. 

So, here we go.  The menu plan for this week!

Menu Plan for Week of 5/16/16
Monday:  Fried chicken, coleslaw (this was WAY too sweet.  My husband didn't even want to eat it.  I'm going to mix some mustard in with the leftovers and see if it improves the problem).

Tuesday:  BBQ ribs, leftover coleslaw, mashed potatoes and gravy

Wednesday:  Rosemary Mustard Chicken, Salad, Rice

Thursday:  Chicken Queso Casserole, tortillas or garlic toast (depending on family preference), salad.

Friday:  Sausage and Biscuits Breakfast Casserole

Saturday:  Noodle Bowl Night

Sunday:  Baked Chicken with Spiced Cranberry Sauce, stuffing, green beans.

Desserts:  Cranberry Bread Pudding with Vanilla Sauce, Coconut Pudding (Thursday)

And there you have it folks.  My menu plan for the week.  You having anything interesting this week?


  1. Hi there... I finished my grocery shopping over the weekend. Here's what we are having:

    Monday: Tater Tot Casserole, Broccoli, Peaches

    Tuesday: EMFHN (Every Man for Himself Night).... you can have whatever you want that is easy. Sandwich, soup, scrambled eggs, etc. The hubby and I make our own and I make the daughter whatever she requests.

    Wednesday: Crockpot Meatball Lasagna -- new recipe for me... hope it's a good one
    Garlic Bread and Applesauce

    Thursday: Chicken Santa Fe

    Friday: Breakfast Pizza

    Saturday: Scheduled Dinner Out

    Sunday: Hamburgers on the Grill and Pasta Salad and Veggies

    1. Question. What is Chicken Santa Fe? It sounds intriguing :).

  2. If you have 24 hours of daylight, do you have such long darkness in the winter?

    I always am envious of those moms whose kids take naps and still go to bed on time and sleep all night. I can't imagine that.

    I pulled out one of the half hams and holy pig. Was my first time buying one, ive done three meals with it so far, have 3 more planned and thats still not goingb to use it up. Yikes.

    1. By about December we have dark pretty much 24 hours. December 21st we don't see the sun peak over the horizon...we get a little bit of twilight, but no actual sunlight. It makes the winters feel LONG, so when we start getting regular sunlight hours back (I want to say about the middle of March, but honestly I don't clock it anymore) Alaskans tend to go outside as much as humanly possible until winter rears its ugly head again around October.

      The nice part about the summers though is the daylight. It allows us to get a lot done during our short summers and it let's us all soak in some vitamin D. Does make the 4th of July a disappointment on the fireworks front, though *laugh*. Everyone up here makes a bigger deal on New Years Eve with the fireworks :).

  3. Sorry you didn't get any sleep, that sounds really tough. sausage and biscuits breakfast casserole sounds really good. Would you care to share the recipe? Thanks.

    1. I don't really have a recipe in mind that I'm going to use. My basic plan of attack right now is to make kind of a pot pie biscuit topping and then put the sausage and gravy as the filling (along with some frozen veggies). It sounds like it would taste good...now to see if it does *laugh*.

  4. After eating so much junk/fast food last week, I officially made myself sicker than a dog:) Sunday was the peak of my miserable-ness. I cannot tolerate any wheat at all. There are little bits of wheat floating around in fryers that are not dedicated gluten-free, crumbs that get into food accidentally, etc. Sunday, my body said "enough, already." I could hardly make it through church, and did nothing at all for the day after that. We didn't even take my niece, Michaela, for her usual diet Coke after church, and we all know how much autistic kids love it when you break their routine!!

    So, this week, I've made time for cooking. I cooked up a few chicken thighs and ate off of them. I put odds and ends into a soup. My daughter fed us last night, and my aunt brought lunch today. It's been very simple, but I feel so much better. I got a salad tonight at McDs (the southwestern one, grilled) and so far, so good. I usually tolerate that one.

    The rest of the week, I plan to grab any and all leftovers and eat them up. We signed the papers for the house sale yesterday, and will move the camper to my sister's on Friday. We will come back here to move out on Saturday.