Saturday, April 2, 2016

Monthly Goals: April 2016

I figured I'd just lump the weekly goals update into this post since anything that didn't get done will also be put onto this month's goals anyway.

So, here's what I got done this week.

1.  Oddly enough I didn't get the kitchen reorganized or the walls washed down in the kitchen, but I did get the dining room and the living room washed down and the windows washed.  I took some photos of the kids that were kind of scattershot in my living room, the picture of my daughter had even disappeared behind the TV when we hung it up on the wall, and I relocated them to another wall.  I really like the new layout as the wall I put the pictures on was always kind of bare, but I needed something that would tie things together in the room to put there.  Oddly enough the pictures of the kids did that, so yay for a free solution to that problem!
2.  While washing down the walls in my dining room area I finally took down and scrubbed (and scrubbed, and scrubbed) the tarnish off of my fish mold as it looked so dingy that I found myself almost hiding it on the wall and that was a real shame (the top of it and the edges were pretty bad).  So, lots of scrubbing with bar keeper's friend later and it is now proudly hanging above my deck door.

3.  This post actually, oddly enough, also linked directly into my post I would have done for Thrifty Thursday, so I'm including the picture here as well.

I picked up the above glass at the thrift store for .50 last week and realized that I really do love the vintage glasses for their slim profile versus the huge honking glasses that seem to be the popular thing now a days.  When I brought it home and cleaned it up and went to put it away I looked into the cabinet and realized that there was a lot that I could just plain do without in the cabinet.  So, yeah that's getting put onto this month's goals as well.

4.  I found the school pictures of the kids while searching for something else, put them in the frames I'd bought for them and hung them up on my gallery wall.  It felt good to get that done as I'd been looking for those photos for a while.

5.  Due to me getting sick and the kids getting sick and Spring Break and everything else, I really didn't get as much done as I would have hoped off of my goals for last month, but at least I did get some of my cleaning goals worked on, if not done.

So, since you now know what I did last week, here's this month's goals!

Monthly Goals:  April 2016

Financial Goals:
  • Get husband's electrical license renewed (he talked to the inspector and explained this was going to happen late due to my son needing his communication app and the inspector said he understood.  But, it needs to get done pronto either way, so this is a big one.  Luckily we have a 90 day grace period in which to do it with the state).
  • Keep grocery budget at 60.00 per week until all residual bills are paid and savings is recouped (so, I might be doing that for the rest of my life *laugh*).
Cleaning Goals:
  • Wash walls.
  • Wash kitchen cabinets, including tops.
  • Clean objects on top of kitchen cabinets
  • Dust house.
  • Wax furniture.
  • Polish silver (kid goal more than mine, but it's still there *laugh*)
  • Shampoo carpets
  • Clean outside of downstairs windows and windows on front door
  • Clean Washing Machine
  • Clean dishwasher 
  • Rearrange coffee tables and put trunk in bedroom (found out my son is slowly wrecking the trunk I've been using as a coffee table in our den, so it's time to retire it to the bedroom where it will be safer before the things inside said trunk suffer).
  • Move small bookcase from son's room to living room (as he's not really using it for much other than making a mess) and put other small barrel from storage to his bedroom for a second bedside table instead.
  •  Wash all curtains and rehang.
  • Vacuum mattresses. 
  • Soap dresser runners.
 Sewing Goals:
  • Work on dress (I keep almost getting there and then something comes up, but here's hoping this month is the winner on this :).
  • Work on pillow shams for throw pillows for couch (got them cut out, so step one is accomplished).
  • Make bag holder (got this one cut out too.  I just need to find the right sized elastic in my stash to get the rest of it done)
Repair Goals:
  • Repair couch
  • Repair husband's recliner (this one I keep having to think on with how to do it as it's kind of a tricky location to do a repair, but I think I've at least got some ideas now).
General Goals:
  • Haul stuff from furnace room out to storage and anything else that needs to go. 
  • Weed/cull.  Donate or sell things we don't need or put into storage things that are "iffy" if they belong in the "getting rid of" category or not.
  • Work on present for sister-in-law for new baby niece (she's due in June, but I know me and how long I take to do things).
  • Continue to use up things from freezer and from pantry.
  • Get gardening goals finalized and figure out how much extra new plans are going to cost to make it easier to budget. 
  • Wash children's winter gear and prepare to put into storage for summer (I refuse to do this until we see green everywhere, but doing the washing won't hurt it any).
And there you go folks.  Some goals for this month.  Man, I've got  a lot to do *laugh*.

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