Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Menu Plan Monday: Menu for Week of 4/4/16

Well, last week's menu plan kind of zig zagged due to leftovers needing to be used up and just wonky schedules occurring but I'm hoping to be more on task this week.  Course, we started out wonky...so this might be interesting *laugh*.

So, here's this week's menu!

Menu for Week of 4/4/16
Monday:  Miscellaneous Night (son had french fries, husband had a sandwich, daughter had cheese quesadilla.  I had nothing as I wasn't really hungry.  It was a wonky night due to late speech therapy).

Tuesday: Cod (macadamia nut crust if I can find one lowly can of coconut milk), rice pilaf, mixed vegetables (serve with lemonade)

Wednesday:  Turkey meatballs over pasta with choice of white or red sauce.  Broccoli or spinach (not sure which is more prolific in the freezer)

Thursday:   Cheesy Chicken and Rice Casserole

Friday:  Leftovers

Saturday:  Baked ham, spinach, au gratin potatoes

Sunday:  Pancakes, fried ham slices, fruit cocktail 
To Bake:  Bread

Desserts:  To be decided (I've fallen asleep about three times writing this thing in the last hour *laugh*)

There you are folks.  My very very vague sense of what we are going to eat this week.  How about you?  Got anything fun on the menu?


  1. Erika, do you have a link to the cheesy chicken and rice casserole? Have you had it before or is this the first time trying it? It sounds really good!

  2. That's funny! I have jerked myself awake before and realized that I had pushed "publish" in my sleep. Then, I have to re-read what I just posted to make sure it made sense! I thought I was the only one, but maybe it's more common than I thought:) You might have made some super odd menus if you hadn't woken up in time.

  3. I have one cooking 'win' that I'm pretty happy about. Normally we eat out every Saturday night. My daughter from college was here over the weekend and we always get her boyfriend as an added bonus. She misses home cooking, and my budget didn't need two extra for eating out, so I decided I would cook. I had some frozen Mexican appetizers, so went with that as a theme and made a pretty big Mexican meal with chicken fajitas (actually very cheap as I can get the ingredients so cheap) and a huge pot of beans and tostadas. The plan was then to eat out Sunday night, with just three. But Sunday night I looked at the food I had left, mainly taco meat and beans, and offered to make quesadillas for us and my husband was happy to agree. Monday, I still had taco meat and beans left, so made pizzas that night, with half being Mexican style with the beans puréed, taco meat, cheddar cheese and then shredded lettuce and salsa after baking. It was really good and there was enough for leftover pizza tonight. There is one serving left, which I will have for lunch tomorrow. Anyway, I was so, so pleased to have saved money from the eating out category and to not have wasted anything!

    Strawberries have been really cheap here, and I got grapes on a great deal also, so I prepped them and put them in a container to be easy for everyone to eat. No waste plus healthy eating/snacking, but downside here was it's already all gone on Tuesday and I don't shop until Friday. I actually stopped at the store today but they were sold out of strawberries. I did get a rain check, so at least I will be able to get them at that price ($.87 16 oz, limit 4, amazing price) later.

    Other meals Kung Pao chicken/rice/veggies, fried chicken strips/mashed potatoes/corn/biscuits and chili made from sirloin steak I got on mark down and some of the beans I made Saturday and froze, probably corn bread with that. I cook a lot of chicken because I can always get boneless, skinless breasts for $2 or less per pound. To go along with any meal, I have two kinds of salad I got at Sam's last Friday and bell pepper slices.

    You need some sleep! Could maybe your husband are kid duty one night and let you get a full night's sleep? If nothing else, on a weekend? My menus would not look nearly so good as yours on no sleep!

    I was so glad you were able to get the communication device for your son!

    1. Now that my dh and I are mostly by ourselves while both kids don't live at home, I find eating out with one to two extra kids really raises the bill when eating out. Good job using up the food you cooked. Cheryl