Monday, March 14, 2016

Menu Plan Monday: Menu for Week of 3/14/16

Well, first I'd like to just say joyfully that I'm feeling better today!  It's all kind of relative, really, as I'm still pretty whipped feeling and I sound like I swallowed a frog, but my fever finally broke last night, which amazed me how very quickly I felt better after that happened.  Thank goodness I feel better today as the house is a wreck after me being down and my son being near fully recovered the last few days.  I got load one of the laundry on, got a load of dishes going and am now officially pooped, but at least I got that done.  I'm really trying to take it easy and not push myself too hard as I do NOT want to a relapse of this bug.  Period.

This week's menu is hopefully going to be a bit more fun than last week's "Survival" edition as I'm finally feeling up to baking and cooking outside of the crock pot, I hope *knock on wood*.

Menu Plan for Week of 3/14/16
Monday:  Leftover Pork Roast slices. green beans, rice

Tuesday:  Baked chicken, corn bread, baked beans

Wednesday:  Steak, potato salad, leftover baked beans

Thursday:  Spicy Pork and Kale Soup (use up rest of kale from freezer)

Friday:  Garlic Shrimp pasta with steamed veggies

Saturday:  Fish and Chips, fruit cocktail

Sunday:  Leftovers

To Bake/Prepare:  Bread, potted pork (pork sandwich spread), desserts

Desserts:  Wacky Cake (depression era recipe I'm trying out), Chocolate Crunch, Popsicles (use juice from pantry.  Daughter is getting sick now and Popsicles are one of her sick foods).

And there you are folks.  Our menu plan for the week.  I hope I'm up to making it as I'm finally hungry again *laugh*.


  1. I'm glad you feel a little better! Always seems unfair that mom's have to do it all, even when sick! Or else it's waiting for them afterwards!

    Your menus look great, making me feel hungry!

  2. Your menu looks wonderful as always, Erika. What is chocolate crunch and could you post the recipe for it or a link to the recipe. It sounds like something my family would enjoy!