Thursday, March 3, 2016

Bare Essentials Challenge: This Week's Shopping Trip

Well, I spent 150.00 on groceries this week.

I finally decided I had to do it.  One reason was that I was so out of it last week I just plain didn't do much shopping other than for milk and Coke for the son unit (and cat litter and freebies...I think I spent maybe 20.00 on groceries total throughout the was like 19.35 or something), which led to me being out of pretty much everything today.  I also forgot to take pictures of said groceries being out of it, which is why this update is actually for my shopping period beginning tomorrow for next week (confusing I know).  I decided to get the majority of it done the last couple of days just because I was in the area of the stores doing other things, so I felt it was a good idea to save gas.  Course than I found out from the Carrs ad that strawberries are on sale 2/5.00 tomorrow as part of 5.00 Friday, so I'm probably going to go back to Carrs for some of those, but that can be taken care of with pocket change and I have to go to the bank anyway, so really it's not any extra gas (so I convince myself *laugh*).

The next reason is because of the kids.  My daughter has been having issues with her stomach cycling this week, which luckily we've caught it before things went south every time an episode hit, but she's still tired, sore and cranky from the week as a result.  So, she requested some of her favorite fruit and I was not going to say no to that on a good day, but to help her feel better I would have taken a special trip just for fruit for her.  Thus why I'm going armed with a 5.00 bill to Carrs tomorrow to hopefully get her strawberries (I'm hoping they're not 3/4 rotten...this time of year it's such a gamble on whether produce is worth bothering with or not up here, I'm kind of praying for a good thing of produce for this sale.  Fingers crossed) and why I shelled out 2.99 lb for grapes today (on sale actually.  They've been running about 5.00 or more lb all winter).  I also got her some navel oranges at Fred Meyer (.99 lb on sale this week).  I have some in the fridge right now, so I figure I'll rotate out the older ones first for her. 

My son was in an awful mood Tuesday and Wednesday this week, which actually correlated with him getting 8 hours of sleep a night those two days.  I felt kind of bad as I woke up for the first time in years those two days feeling awesome.  No jaw pain, no fatigue, in a good mood with the universe, etc.  My son was the polar opposite and was barely making it through school those days.  His OT figured what was going on was that he was getting sleep, yes, and more than he has in ages, but he wasn't getting near ENOUGH sleep for a growing kid his age (which he should be at like 10 to 12 hours of sleep a night), so he was still cranky even after having gotten sleep.  Figured.

Anyway last night he slept MAYBE an hour or so total, so he was back to normal today at school.  I'm once again feeling like a walking zombie and missing sleep so much now that I know how much better I feel as a whole when I get some, but at least my son had a decent day at school.

He's definitely growing again, though, as I saw when I put his pants on this morning and they were high waters on him.  So, I decided that with how he's been this week and him growing he really is going to need extra food in the house as he starts to blow through it like mad when he's growing, so I got him some store bought bread and hot dog buns (he won't eat home made bread as it's not soft enough, so I have to make do with the store bought stuff).  I also picked up a BUNCH of tuna salad kits as they were on sale for about 50% off what they normally go for and they are the ONE source of meat my son will actually eat.  He doesn't eat the crackers out of the kits, only the tuna salad.  But it was definitely worth stocking up as they were essentially buy one get one free.  I throw the can of tuna salad into his lunch for school and then put some rice in so they can mix the two together at lunch.  My son really likes it and really that's about as close as he comes right now to a balanced meal.

The Velveeta shells and cheese are for school too.  They are trying to train my son to hopefully use a utensil to help his brain and body coordinate more around his mouth area (which helps lead to communication), so they asked me to send some in as my son SOMETIMES will eat them.  Sometimes.  I'm hoping he gets excited as he hasn't had them in a long time and maybe use a fork.  Fingers crossed folks!

My husband requested snack packs for his lunches, so I got those this week too.  Not terribly expensive, but still one more thing to get.

I decided that if I was going to have to have one real "over" week on groceries one thing I desperately  needed to get was meat as we are down to basically chicken (and I'm actually starting to run lower on that!), a ham, a turkey, a package of fish and a couple lowly packages of hamburger in the freezer mixed in with the odds and ends.  Sadly I haven't so much seen holes developing in the freezers so much as have land slides each time I open said freezers as I seemed to have removed keystones from the freezer shelves as I went through things that needed to be used up.  My feet have suffered *laugh*.

My husband took me with him to go look at a job in Eagle River yesterday (a town about 1/2 an hour away from us) and as soon as I found out where we were going I pulled out my cash and asked if we could stop by the meat store while we were in town.  He said sure.

I was able to get hamburger for less than any of the stores sell it for around here, some thin cut steaks and a really HUGE nice looking chuck roast that I cut into two roasts before putting it into the freezer.  I spent 41.00 there, but also got 5 lbs of hamburger (split into 1/2 lb packages and put into the freezer.  I'll cut them with ground turkey or chicken for things) two roasts and some steaks.  And it is MUCH better quality than I would have gotten at the boxed store, so all the better :).

I also got pork steaks on sale at Carrs on their buy 1 package get two free sale.  So for 18.00 I got three big packages of pork steaks.  And we found one of the seasonings that Carrs puts on the steaks that we like (garlic rosemary), so I got the three packages with that seasoning on them so they could go directly into the freezer when I got home (okay, so I'm lazy what can I say).

The pasta was on sale .99 a lb at Carrs.  I like to get the mini penne as it's great to try and get my son to use a fork at school since it's JUST small enough.  I have a pantry still pretty well stocked with angel hair and thin spaghetti, but I'm saving those for home use as he likes to fling the noodles around as much as he likes to eat them so he makes a MESS.

The foot cream was on clearance at Fred Meyer for 1.69.  The conditioner was another request of my husband's as he didn't like the other brand of conditioner I had bought.  But, bright side is that it was on sale for .79 anyway, so at least it was cheap :).

The Goldfish crackers are also for the kids.  Mainly for my son as he's been trying in his own non-verbal way to badger me into getting him Pringles lately.  But, I don't like the way his skin reacts after he eats Pringles, I don't like the way he INHALES Pringles and I don't like the cost of Pringles on top of everything.  So, I got him Goldfish as sort of a "consolation prize" as he likes them.  Not as much as Pringles but that's what he's getting.

The yogurts were free from Freebie Friday coupons.  One from me and one from my friend giving me hers.  These will be going into daughter's lunches for school.

Oh and not pictured are the normal Coke, Doritos and Cheetos I buy every week.  I just didn't feel like hauling them all up the stairs to take pictures only to haul them back down the stairs to put away in the pantry.  Sorry, I got one hour of sleep last night.  Thus why all the groceries are in one shot too.

Anyway, all totaled this week I spent 151.20 on groceries

Plus what I'll be picking up in cash tomorrow, which will hopefully include strawberries.

I will be going back down to 50.00 per week on groceries after this week just to save money to help with the 800.00 in bills I have to make this month and next and reducing the grocery budget has definitely been helping with making money go further.  I'm also having problems with my car.  It's a problem we've had before, but we thought we fixed it a year ago.  So, either we have a part that was really crappy in quality or we have another problem.  Sigh.

So, anyway, that's my plan.  How did you do on shopping this week?


  1. I think it's hilarious that we both jumped over budget on the same week---I spent $92 this week, after following along with you on the $50 since you started it. There were some things that just ran out here, as well. For me, I also didn't get much purchased last week, either, but I've lost track of exactly where I was on the dollar count. Things are so hectic around here, I'm just running from thing to thing, cleaning and sorting, and keeping up with the kids' and my appointments and activities. In truth, I'm not sure that it put me very much over my budget for the 2 weeks, but I'm not done, either. I have a $10/off $50 for Safeway that I will probably use before it runs out. There are some things I could use there.

    Our camper is finally back from the repair shop. I bought some extra things to put in there. I am also going to be feeding quite a few extra people the next 2 weeks. It's the least I can do when they come help me.

    Good luck on the strawberries-hope they are yummy!

    1. *Laugh* that's great that we both went over the same week. Maybe we're seeing a pattern developing ;).

      I understand about things being hectic and I definitely suggest giving yourself some slack. With lack of sleep and then me not feeling good last week and then my son being destructive over the last bit I've barely been keeping on top of vacuuming and dishes. I have a pile of clean laundry to sort today or tomorrow, but at least the dirty laundry is still doing alright. Sometimes you just have to go, "I did the best I can. I'll try and do better tomorrow" and call it good :).

  2. My ds is coming home for spring break so I bought his own milk. He needs lactaid milk and I know he doesn't drink as much at school so he his enough for the week. He asked for hummus which he has never eaten here, I think his girlfriend got him started. I asked for meals he wanted me to cook so bought meats for those. I spent $110.00 for the week including having family over for dinner on Sunday. Cheryl

    1. You know I keep trying to like hummus. It's not that I DISLIKE it, but I just can't say that I would ever go out of my way to eat it. I think part of that problem, though, is that the tahini is unsafe for my son (that I've found) so I always end up substituting in like almond butter and I sincerely DOUBT those two things taste even the least bit similar *laugh*.

    2. You don't have to include tahini for hummus at all. I would just skip it and not substitute anything. My daughters and I love hummus, but I tend to buy it ready-made, because I love how much smoother it is than when I make it, but I will eat any of it. My daughter take hummus and a piece of pita bread most days for lunch. Costco has the little individual tubs at a good price, and it makes an easy to pack lunch.

    3. I agree re: the tahini. If you have the desire to try hummus again, if you google hummus recipes you'll find a wide variety that call for something other than tahini, some of which you might have in your pantry, even preserved from your garden.

      Great for the budget that your husband is still taking lunches from home -- I'd consider the snack packs a money SAVER...even a lunch with pre-portioned items is a lot cheaper than a lunch out!

  3. I'd say you did rather well with your money this week, Erika. I always find that at some point I will have a bunch of things run out all at the same time and I need to do an extra larger shopping trip.

    As I posted on your monthly update, it was this week for me as well! Too funny that everyone did a huge shopping trip in the same week. We've been eating a lot of chicken recently, so even though I bought 3 huge packages, I really need to buy a couple more to really stock up. I went again today to Costco, but unfortunately the $4 off/pack sale was no longer on. So I decided to wait for now and watch for another sale (they happen often). Thank goodness Costco is not too out of my way to check in frequently!

  4. Dont you just hate car problems? We has some big bills in January for that, and it wasn't fun, plus will prob have another big bill this summer. My husband is always new car crazy, i guess its a guy thing, but while we have a 2003 and 2006 that really work great, and we really shouldn't even think about replacing for years, cant stop his wandering eye! So im always like, so happy we dont have a car payment anymore, isnt it wonderful and etc. Lol

    I did my shopping today. The friday freebie was a lindt favorite! Ive been saving the kroger freebies for about 2 months because theyve all been like candy and gum etc to use in easter eggs. Managed to just go a few dollars over, and used my personal money to cover that. Strawberries were on sale for us too, so got some. I wish I cohld get good meat deals, but it rarely happens.

    Hope you get more sleep. Would he be willing to just play on the ipad? I mean...i knkw you want him to sleep, and some kids (not mine luckily) might make it a habit but when my toddler just wont, out pops the tablet, and pbs kids so I can doze until hes ready to sleep again.

    1. I wish he would, but unfortunately he wakes up, is immediately overly tired and does one of two things. One will be he constantly runs out of his room every two minutes and tries to wake up the entire household, turning on the lights in every room, etc. Or two he gets cranky and itchy and just doesn't sleep a wink (like he did last night) and I spend all night rubbing moisturizers into his knees, feet, shins, etc trying to sooth his skin enough that he can finally go back to sleep. Really stinks, but you get used to it after a while.

  5. I spent $271 at Sam's today. I just keep staring at the receipt and trying to figure it out. :) That doesn't include $15 at Sprouts and is not even all the groceries I need to buy. I have been sick, so I bought a rotisserie chicken and a pizza, but that was only $11. I think I just put in the cart anything I thought we would like. ? Who am I? I need to get my head together!! Fortunately, it was payday today, so I can partly just adjust what I spend for the rest of the pay period, and I just removed some things from the budget (entertainment? I guess that's called shopping at Sam's!) Whatever. I feel for you on the lack of sleep! It's so hard to keep going and hard to just THINK. I hope that resolves soon! I think you did an amazing job with your shopping dollars!

    1. *Laugh* I think we have all had shopping trips like that.

      We're spending enough money this weekend so far that I'm already getting hives. My husband needed new insoles...for all of his pairs of work boots and things at once so that was 35.00 gone in one shot. We ended up eating out today as we were helping a family member with an important errand he needed done and we were both starving and far enough away from home we knew we were going to have to do it. And then I check my son's shoes and he's at the end of them, so I have to go and get him new sneakers this weekend too. I'm almost afraid to check the daughter's shoes at this point. Yup, nervous rash is coming quickly *laugh*.