Thursday, February 4, 2016

Thrifty Thursday: Thrift Store Finds

Officially my 1.25 pocket change I had left from my birthday money is gone, as is .50 I was able to dig out of the depths of my purse, but when I went to the thrift store this week I was thrilled with what I got for that 1.75.

I was looking online and saw that one of my favorite thrift stores was having a sale for .25 kid's clothing if it had a purple tag on it.  One of the reasons I love this particular thrift store is when they have sales like this they always put the certain tag color on racks by themselves, so it makes perusing the offerings so much easier.

So, I went in with the hopes that I might find my daughter some nightgowns (as the one slip she's using as a nightgown is going through constant repairs every time I wash's just slowly separating and pilling no matter if I wash the thing by hand even) and maybe a robe (since she's been asking for a robe for about a year now).  I was AMAZED when I found not one robe, but TWO on the .25 rack, both complete with belts (a problem with used robes it seems)! 

One is even a Hello Kitty robe, so it will go perfect with her spa bath set for her birthday (the dark pink one has Hello Kitty on the back).  I'm going to wrap the Hello Kitty robe and mark it from her brother for her birthday and I'll give her the pink robe as part of her dad's and my gifts to her. 

I went looking around the rest of the used store, since I was there, honestly hoping to find some nightgowns hiding (no luck there) and found a cool Corelle bowl for 1.25.  I've been looking for some of the smaller bowl sizes (odd I know as usually people get rid of those first) as I like to have them for steaming puddings and for serving side dishes in, so I grabbed it right away.

And don't worry about the nightgown thing.  I figured out a way around that (more on that tomorrow).

So, all totaled I spent 1.75 at the used store, got two birthday gifts for my daughter and had a really good day that day. 

How about you?  Find anything cool at the used/thrift stores lately?


  1. Those are sooo cute! I bet she will be so excited!

  2. I go crazy when I shop the 50% off sales they have several times a year at our Savers store (MS thrift store). PJ's seem to be my down fall. lol. Love seeing your good finds. It's like treasure hunting. Take care.

  3. I went to one thrift store this week in hopes of getting 3T pants for two of my grands and placemats. I did find 5 nice pair of pants for $2 pair. No placemats but I did get 6 very nice cloth napkins for $1.

    You did good! The robes are very nice.

  4. What a beautiful birthday gift for your daughter...and a nice "birthday gift" for yourself as well! I'm sure you were doing a little happy dance after that. Can't wait to see what you are doing for a nightgown for your daughter!

  5. I have two of those exact bowls - 1 slightly larger than the other. :) I got them years and years ago to use to bake a snowman cake with my kids and have used them so much since.