Thursday, January 7, 2016

Thrifty Thursday: Thrift Store Finds

This is a week where money being tight like it was I figured there was no way I'd be spending extra money on anything.  But, hey I was wrong.  Sure, I didn't have much money to spend, but I didn't NEED much money to get things I needed this week.  Win, win as far as I'm concerned!

We stopped in at our favorite thrift store last week, mainly to get out of the house, and I ended up talking to one of the gals who worked there as I was perusing the sale racks.  She told me about a 4 for 1.00 sale that was going to be kicking off and that I should come back.  And you better believe I did!

My wardrobe suffers from wear and tear.  My son flings food on me on a semi-regular basis, I get Vaseline on me as I'm trying to rub Vaseline into children's eczema, etc,  so I knew when I started running into more and more stains that weren't coming out and more than a few of my shirts that are, geez, 10 to 12 years old are really starting to show some holes, that I would need to replace them soon.  I found myself borrowing my husband's t-shirts more and more to sleep in because my wardrobe was getting so slim in pickings, so when I found out about .25 clothing I went in when the kids were in school and really combed the racks.

I also found three polo shirts that my husband can use for work shirts while I was there, two of which still had tags on them.  All of the clothing I picked up above cost me 5.00, including a blue tag (that was the tag for the .25 sale) percale sheet with daisies on it.  It was so pretty I had to get it, but it's a top sheet so I'm not quite sure what I'll do with it (the tag said fitted when I grabbed it).  I'm thinking a tablecloth, but we'll see :).

While my  husband and I were at the used store we went looking around to see what we could find that was on our "want" list or on our "need" lists.  I'd had frames on my "need" list for the kid's school pictures but hadn't had any luck before the holidays, so I was happy to find two frames I could use for their pictures for .50 each.  They were even black already, so I won't need to paint them.  Bonus!  I found a Veggie Tales Christmas tape and Christmas things were 75% off, so I was able to get it for .10.  I then got an egg cutter for .50, a Dumbo tape for .50 (this is going in with my daughter's birthday gifts next month) and my husband found a Tupperware condiment tray!!!  I'd found a couple at Value Village over the last couple of years, but they were always at least 10.00 and I couldn't justify spending that on one, but this one was 1.50 and totally within my budget!

I also managed to find a gallon sized vintage storage jar in with the Christmas things.  I was thrilled to find it at 75% off as I'd admired it before but at full price (6.00 and some change) I just couldn't bring myself to buy it.  But for 1.00 and some change?  Yeah, I would definitely take that :).  The jar was missing any rubber seal it might have once had, but that was okay by me because I looked at it and immediately figured that I could condense my three smaller button jars into that one jar.  And I was right!  And seriously, once you turn the jar around during the non-Christmas season?  No one would know that it was a Christmas jar.

So, there you are folks.  My cool finds for this week.  Not bad for under 10.00.  How about you?  Find anything cool this week?


  1. What a great haul! It's so fun to find treasures at the thrift stores. Our adult children still get sticker shock in regular stores. Then we head for the nearest thrift store and look harder for what they need and want.

    1. *Laugh* I totally relate to what you are saying. I go to the store, see a price on a regular shirt and my jaw drops. I can't even imagine what a fad clothing line costs brand new. Yee Gads!

  2. Sometime you just have to invest in some new-to-you clothes...and it sounds like your timing was impeccable on this one! Great job at the thrift store, Erika. I'm sure it's put a little pep in your step, having some new items to wear each day.

    1. It's definitely nice. Some of my clothes were getting REALLY ratty looking, so it's great pulling this nice, sparkly in brand new shape clothing from my drawers right now. Sure, it might not last long with my son, but I'm appreciating it while it lasts ;).