Saturday, January 2, 2016

Monthly Goals: January 2016

 Well, looking over my monthly goals for last month I managed to accomplish most of them.  The only two I was shy of was doing was embroidery projects, which weren't pressing, and fixing my husband's boots, which I'm still trying to logic out how to rebuild soles of shoes and file down some nails that are sticking through the current soles of the shoes from the heels.  I'll figure it out, I'm sure as I have time.

It's January.  A new year stretches before us.  In my case, one of my main goals for this year is to get more organized and try my darndest to stretch my budgeting skills to the max in the hopes that we'll be able to pay off bills on time before financial burdens become worse. 

I'm also hoping to get more organized in my home life by once again following a menu plan and this year I hope to add a cleaning schedule to that list as well.

I am also praying for good fortune this year.  So, here's hoping the Good Lord is on board with that prayer.

So, let's get onto this month's goals.

Paperwork Goals:
1. File for Alaska State PFD's (I already did this one).
2.  If W-2's come in quickly, get taxes done.  File for insurance for the year through the Market Place.
Sewing Goals:
1.  Make Spring themed table runner.
2.  Make Spring themed table cloth (I have an idea to make a kind of fake out table cloth.  More on that one later).
3.  Make and embroider some napkins for fun (I'll get to this eventually *laugh*).
Garden Goals (yes, I have a couple):
1.  Measure garden, create "floor plan".
2.  Take inventory of seeds.  Figure out what seeds might need to be ordered before Spring.
General Goals:
1.  Spend more quality time with husband.
2.  Figure out budget and financial goals for 2016. 
3.  Review budget and finances for 2015 to figure out what can be improved.
4.  Finalize cleaning schedule for year and give it a shot.
5.  Finalize yearly goals.
6.  Start to organize son's paperwork, box it and file it by year.
7.  Reorganize pantry.  Condense boxes of home canned goods and find places to stick empty jars in pantry if possible.
8.  Reorganize hallway closet.  Deep clean it and try to fit all linens in the closet.
So, there you are.  My goals for the month.  You up to anything this month.

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