Monday, January 18, 2016

Menu Plan Monday: Menu for Week of 1/18/16

When it comes to this week's menu you are going to notice a couple of repeats from last week.  This is because I didn't get to making them.  One day we ended up eating leftovers as I made the meat pie as big as I could to make the meat stretch as far as I could, so it lasted me four meals (two dinners for the family and two lunches for me) and then the meat roly poly ended up being kind of dry the first go around so we didn't eat much of it, so I tried to figure out a way to salvage it, so yesterday I cut it up into chunks, covered it with tomato sauce and we made meatball subs out of it.  It worked well and used up the meat before it went bad and it did, indeed, keep the meat moist.  So, win win!

So, here's this week's menu.

Menu Plan for Week of 1/18/16

Monday:  Pork Roast (crock pot), potatoes au gratin, salad

Tuesday:  Leftover pork roast, sauerkraut croquettes, apple sauce

Wednesday:  "Ham Salad" sandwiches, chips

Thursday:  Chicken and Biscuits (crock pot)

Friday:  Tacos (use ground beef and turkey)

Saturday:  Fried Chicken, mashed potatoes, baked beans

  Enchiladas (use leftover taco meat), Spanish rice

To Bake/prepare:  Bread, granola, biscuits, chocolate chip muffins, beignets, crock pot refried beans.  Baking days:  Monday (chocolate chip muffins...done!, maybe beignets if I find time), Tuesday (bread & granola, refried beans), Wednesday (biscuits)

Desserts:  Apple pie (leftovers from last week) with whipped topping, jello.


  1. Could you post a recipe for the sauerkraut croquettes? Sounds like something my Dhaka would enjoy. Thanks, Cheryl

  2. I took a page from your book today, Erika. I had some left over plain pasta in the fridge, so I convinced my daughter to take it in her lunch. I mixed a bit of oil and Parmesan cheese with the pasta like you did for your son. She seemed quite pleased to be taking that to school. I told her this is basically a pasta salad. We had some left over mini corn on the cob which I sent in a separate container. God forbid she eats anything mixed together!

    Your meal plan for this week looks like it has lots of variety! I totally get the change of plans. I think that is my biggest beef with writing a meal plan. No matter how much time I put into it, someone or something always comes along and changes all my best laid plans. Although I don't usually do a formal plan, I like to have a list of meals that I can make, then chose from the list as the day dictates. Unfortunately, the list is often in my head and doesn't always translate well to actions. I admire that you make the effort to write it down!

    1. Glad your daughter liked the pasta. It's a life saver for me with my kids as they are both picky in different ways. It's one of the few meals they can agree on *laugh*.

      When it comes to the meal plan, you know I find writing it DOWN really helps, especially on the dry eraser board so it is somewhere that I can always see it. It helps to keep me on track.

  3. The same thing happens to me! I make a plan, and something happens--like last night. However, it still helps me to have one. I always tell myself that I don't HAVE to follow it, but it does give me a framework to follow when I'm in a hurry. Half the battle for me is knowing what I'm supposed to cook--then I just get busy and do it instead of wasting a half hour thinking up a plan!

    I often put it up on the whiteboard as well. It's just easier to point at it than answer the 40th question of "what's for dinner?"