Sunday, November 1, 2015

Weekly Goals Update and This Week's Goals

Well, when it came to last week's goals, I did pretty good getting it all done!

1.  I oiled my little child's sewing machine as it was acting pretty stiff (it was passed down to me) with some sewing machine oil.  It worked fabulously and now it's as good as new.

2.  I hit Pinterest last week looking for some inspiration on how to display some vintage linens I had.  My step mom, years ago, had my dad send me a box of old handkerchiefs, doilies, table toppers and the like and they'd been sitting in storage for years.  I ran across one of them that my step mom had sent me later and it was so pretty that I tried to think of a way to display it.

Pinterest had loads of ideas for vintage handkerchiefs but it seemed the most popular way to use them was to cut them up and use pieces to make quilts or throw pillows or something.  Destroying vintage items makes me sad, so there was no way I was going to do that as the linens were still in good shape.  Some people framed the handkerchiefs and that seemed like a pretty cool idea.  Unfortunately, I don't have any frames in my "frame hoarde" that would fit the project and I couldn't find anything that would work at the used stores either.

Then it came to me as I was looking at my vintage embroidery hoop collection sitting on the wall.  I folded up the linens a bit, put them in the embroidery hoops and voila!  Instant wall art!  And, in the event I want to use the embroidery hoops all I have to do is pop the linens out and use it.  The same if the linens start to show age and need to be washed.  Easy peazy!

The final result is above.  I thought it turned out great myself.

3.  I also took some of my old vintage containers and repurposed them to hold sewing items and put it in an old coke crate I found at a used store a long while ago for 10.00.  The coke crate was bowing in the top of our cheapy bookcase in our den, so I moved it to a more solid platform and decided to use it for a make-shift shelf instead.  In the little orange snuff container I put some thimbles.  In the flat snuff container I put bobbins, etc.  I'm happy as it gives me more things at my disposal that are organized and within easy reach and with them being in containers it doesn't look too cluttered.

In other news I don't think my husband likes the fact that I took over a corner of the den *clears throat*, but I'm enjoying it ;).

4.  I mended three items this week (not including socks), so I was one item short, but I'm okay with that as I ended up picking up my daughter early twice this week...once with her stomach condition and then another with a breaking out in hives at school incident.  So, my schedule was even more wonky than normal last week.

5.  I got Halloween treats accomplished and got some further work done on my winter meal plan.

6.  I finished a gift for my daughter and one for my husband this week.  Progress!

And now onto this week's goals!

1.  Make pillow shams to embroider.
2.  Make measurements and cut fabric for quilt.  Make sure I have backing material for quilt as well.
3. Start blog series on Christmas gifts.
4.  Detail clean kitchen (again) and deep clean stove (including door).
5.  Continue to work on cleaning front of kitchen cabinets and wooden furniture.
6.  Clean vacuum
7.  Dust upstairs.
8.  Put away Halloween decorations.

And there are my goals for this week.  How about you?  Have any goals for this week?


  1. Erika, I love the look of the vintage coke crate with the pretty vintage tins on it! So beautiful.

  2. Thanks. I've had the tins for years. There was an antique store in Pennsylvania that I used to frequent that had insane prices on things when one guy was working (I think he was an alcoholic honestly) and I managed to get the tins for like .20 a piece. I loved them so much they've moved with me ever since *laugh*.