Thursday, October 22, 2015

Thrifty Thursday (Thrift Store Finds)

Well, this was a week of some good finds on the thrift store front!

I had to drop off some stuff at the thrift store earlier in the week so I stopped in really fast to see if there was anything to see.  And I hit some pay dirt!

First up is what is seen above.  It's a chocolate mold (limited edition yada yada) and came with a block of white Baker's Chocolate in it (which is safe with my son's peanut allergy!).  The entire box was still sealed tight and the expiration date wasn't until like last month, so I knew the chocolate would still be fine (old chocolate tends to be fine anyway, but I didn't want off colored chocolate for the molds).

The little chocolate "garnish" is going to be used as chocolate candies to send it with my daughter for her Halloween party at school (no fuss, no muss).  Since she's got 27 kids in her class, trying to come up with a treat that would go far enough but not tax my budget was vexing me.  1.00 and I'm set for Halloween party treats (and I'll reuse the mold for other Halloween things later with some other chocolate too!).

Next up are a couple of panel projects I found for 18" doll clothes.  I'm hoping to use one to lure my daughter into wanting to learn to sew a bit more, but the other one I MIGHT have plans for, but we shall see :).  These were 2.50 a piece.  Not the cheapest things in the world, but both panels make multiple outfits and might get my daughter sewing more, so I think they are worth it.

And now, I present to you my "Holy Grail" find for the day!  I have a somewhat short list of Tupperware items I'm looking for now to make my "base collection" complete.  A matching salt and pepper shaker set, preferably vintage, was definitely on that list.  And I found a set!!!  For 1.00!!!  For BOTH of them!!!  And they match my brown 70's era Tupperware!  Life is awesome! Ahem...I think about two states over heard my squeel of excitement when I found those *laugh*.

Next up is actually an item that I debated getting at all.  Yes, they are Tupperware.  Tupperware shot glasses to be precise.  And they are old Tupperware (probably 50's era).  And they were .25 a piece.  But, I didn't really NEED shot glasses...I'm not exactly a heavy drinker (I'm more of a glass of eggnog come the holidays or an occasional glass of wine with dinner type) and I couldn't see myself using the cups for much and I abhor spending money on something I know I'm not going to use.  But my daughter of all people fell in love with them and wanted me to get them so she could use them as reusable water cups in the bathroom at night.  Mind you, she already has a child's size Tupperware cup in the bathroom for the occasional late night water run, but she really wanted these.  So, I bought them *laugh*.  I do like how they are so small they fit on the like 3/4" lip around the bathroom vanity, so they are off the actual counter.

And next up are a couple of molds I bought at the used store as well for molding jello (I don't really know if you could use these for molds for steaming puddings or not, but I would hate to mar the finish on these as they are actually really shiny right now).  My daughter was getting tired of eating jello in the shape of a fish (I can't fathom that *laugh*), so I'm figuring these will fit the bill.  And it will be easier to do layered effects in these for sure.  One is a 2 1/2 cup mold and the other is a three and a half cup mold.  They were 1.50 a piece.  Since we're eating Jello for dessert even more than we used to (braces are fun), these will definitely come in handy.

And last up are, of all things, fondue forks.  I was hoping to find some for Halloween since I want to make a brie cheese fondue type of dish, but I didn't want to pay out a lot for fondue forks, so I was trying to think of ways around it.  And the same day I stumbled on these.  Fifty cents for a package of World Market fondue forks.  Works for me!

So, there you are folks.  My finds for the week.  How did you do?


  1. Erika, I have an update on what your Tupperware "shot glasses" really are, as we have some of these. They actually came with lids and are for transporting salad dressing in you bagged lunch. Tupperware still sells them (we bought more not too long ago), so if you wanted to get new lids, you probably could get replacements. If not, another use for them is as a small scoop in a larger container.