Monday, October 26, 2015

Monthly Goals Update and This Week's Goals

Well, this post is late this week.  Mainly because I got distracted working on my sewing space in my den and working on a couple other "side" projects (read:  distractions *laugh*).  So, I didn't get to this yesterday.

This week's goals were kind of all over the map and I did get a few things done.  Unfortunately I had to work around my son who has a loose tooth and isn't happy with the universe due to it, so I didn't get as much done as I was hoping to.

1.  I got a gift for my son done and began work on a gift for my husband.  Got a gift for my daughter partially completed as well.  I also got more "planning" out of the way when it came to other gifts for extended family.

2.  Got some mending done on my husband's socks.  The rest of my sewing got side tracked when I decided I needed to organize my sewing area a bit better, so some of those goals are getting transferred onto this week.

3.  I started going through my cabinets in my kitchen and was pleasantly surprised to find that they are still pretty organized.  I've got a few things to weed through, but overall things are looking good there.

4.  Got the Halloween decorations printed out and applied, so that's done (more on that in a later post as I want to be able to provide you all with some links).

5.  I started figuring out a kind of budget for winter.  I'm trying to come up with ideas and things to make month long menu plans to keep monotony to a minimum.  I'm still working on it, though.

6.  I ended up with a new goal for last week, which will be ongoing until it gets done which is "Get son used to medic alert bracelet" (seen up top).  I really liked the bracelet I picked as it's got Speed Racer on it and has a good clasp on it.  I also liked that it came with four lines so I was able to put "Peanut Allergy.  Penicillin Allergy.  Non-Verbal.  Autistic." all on one bracelet!  Takes a load off of my mind that he'll have that.  Now it's a matter of getting him used to wearing it.  So far he hates it, but the school is helping me work with him to get used to it.

And now onto this week's goals.
1.  Figure out Monthly Shopping Goals for November.
2.  Figure out Monthly Goals for November.
3.  Oil antique child's sewing machine as it needs to be done.
4.  Dig out vintage handkerchiefs and figure out a way to display them.
5.  Embroider gift for my niece.
6.  Finish gift for daughter.
7.  Start making Halloween treats for later in the week.
8.  Continue to work on monthly menu plan.
9.  Continue to work on mending.  Mend at least four items.
10.  Get clothes weeded out and transfer them to my new smaller dresser (I've been living out of laundry baskets and Rubbermaid for a bit here and really need to organize things).
I'm sure there will be other things added to my "list" but those are my major goals.  How about you?

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