Thursday, September 24, 2015

Thrifty Thursday: Thrift Store Finds

So, I was so excited last weekend when we went to one of our local thrift stores that was having a fall celebration/party.  We thought we'd get the daughter a cookie and me some free hot apple cider, but when we went in and looked around we walked out with some stuff instead *laugh*.

One of the things we walked out with is a rocking recliner for our living room for my son.  He loved it so much when we were there that we just couldn't walk out without it.  It needs to have it's bottom brace thingy repaired (my husband's camp, not mine), but overall it was in great shape.  For 12.00 it was worth it, definitely.  My son is impatiently waiting for my husband to fix it (unfortunately for him he had to work last weekend and had a birthday party to go to for my daughter so he didn't get to it) and then I can replace the really cheaply made 10.00 olive green recliner we have in our living room with the nice neutral colored one (yay!).

My find of the day, however, was the above book.  I FINALLY found a jello cookbook!

I know, I'm insane.  Live my life for a little bit and you'll figure out why.

Seriously, I had been told by various older people (70 years young) I knew that Jello was one of the staples in their cupboards because it could be used for pretty much everything.  One woman called it the super glue of the kitchen.

Now, I wouldn't go as far as that, but I WAS impressed with all of the different things you can actually do with Jello.  In the book there are recipes for sherbet, fruity glazes, various molded salads (of course), cakes and more.  And hey, if I ever want to incur the wrath of my family, and not to mention my taste buds, there are TONS of savory salads with floating olives and things molded into them.

This book makes me want to go out and buy every flavor of Jello imaginable and experiment, but instead I'll leave you with a hearty "Fish mold!!!!" and be done with it (I really need to work on my un-molding skills).


  1. Awe, your husband must be so proud of you for using the fish mould! I'm sure this was probably mentioned in your recipe book, BUT just in case, I thought I would suggest it anyways. In the past I have mixed canned fruit (whatever you have on hand) with jello and put them into small serving sized containers to send to school in lunches. Cheap and easy bagged lunch treat!

  2. Does it stay solid doing that? I've been so nervous about trying it with my daughter for fear that it would turn back into liquid by lunch. I tried the shelf stable ones one time and that was...well we didn't like it *laugh*.

  3. I find that a thin layer of water does form on the surface, which I think is more condensation than the jello melting. Once the jello is set, it may soften a bit, but does do fine if it warms a bit (think of jello salads sitting on a buffet table). Remember, it only has to last until lunch, not the entire day...with any luck anyways.

  4. Well, I'll certainly give it a shot. My daughter loves Jello :).