Monday, August 31, 2015

Menu Plan Monday: Menu for Week of 8/31/15

Well, starting this week you're going to see kind of a different format for the menu plan.  I'm going to be doing more pantry dependent meals to help get us through the month without hopefully spending too much on groceries.  So, be prepared because I'm going to make "ingredient notes" to myself in some of the menu items and some of items might seem kind of weird to YOU, but I have them in the pantry right now, thus why you're seeing them.

So, without further ado, here's this week's menu.

Menu for Week of 8/31/15

Monday:  Pork roast, baked potatoes (from garden produce in pantry), leftover canned peaches (we had some for dessert last night).

Tuesday:  Leftover pork roast with Pantry Friendly Fig Sauce, rice, mixed veggies (from pantry)

Wednesday:  Super Chicken Nachos 
Ingredient Notes:  Canned chicken with taco seasoning, crock pot refried beans (recipe coming soon),  corn chips from pantry, salsa (home canned from pantry), velveeta (from pantry).
Thursday:  Pancakes, bacon, eggs.
 Ingredient Notes:  Home made bisquick from pantry.
Friday:  Noodle bowl night

Saturday:  Baked chicken, rice pilaf, green beans
 Ingredient Notes:  Rice pilaf mix from pantry, green beans from pantry.
Sunday:  Chicken salad sandwiches (leftover chicken),  canned pears.

Desserts:  Jello parfaits (ingredient notes:  Dream whip, raspberry jello from pantry), apple slices (dehydrated) with caramel dipping sauce (boil sweetened condensed milk in can for 4 hours, cool to room temp, open and use.  Makes great caramel and is super easy to do...just takes a while :), birthday cake (for son's birthday).

To Bake:  Pizza rolls (STILL haven't gotten to this yet *sigh*), bread, chocolate chip cookies.  Baking day:  Wednesday.

And there you go folks.  This week's menu. 

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